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  1. Indulge a Newbie here who doesn't want to run a search for this topic: What is the difference between soaps and creams, at least those by the same manufacturer (eg Proraso)? Basically, is there a reason to choose one over the other? Are there times when one is better than the other or is it just a personal preference? Easier to lather with one than the other? I'm still new to all this and wanting to try some different products. Having trouble locating much in brick and mortar stores in my neck of the woods, so before placing an order online I thought I would get some expert advice. Thought I would post this in the Shaving Soap forum, too, to get maximum input, so I apologize for the redundancy.
  2. The main difference is creams are better
  3. +1
  4. Ha ha - I bet the guys in the soap forum are saying the exact opposite!

    It's personal preference only but might vary depending on the brand. Try 1 of each for now and decide which suits your shaving needs the best.

    For example, Proraso cream and soap both rock, where as Tabac soap for the most part blows Tabac cream away.
  5. And T&H creams blow T&H soaps out the water.
  6. Creams are better for newbies. Soaps give a better shave but creating a perfect lather is more difficult. My go to is MWF soap closely followed by TOBS Sandalwood cream.
    You should search the forum though as different products work well for different people, YMMV etc.
  7. No, soaps don't "give a better shave" no matter how often that myth is repeated. Neither do creams. With quality products, they both can work equally well. I'm no "newbie" but I generally prefer creams for their ease of use and quickness to get to proper lather. However, I also use MWF, Cella, Omega, OS, and VdH soaps.
  8. i have been a shave soap user for years never giving it much thought but now i have tried creams, i switch around now just for fun, but in the end , I think they all work well- at least the ones i have chosen
  9. I will use creams as they are but usually make an ueber-lather when using soap-eg. add in a little cream, often a brushless cream. Creams are usually a little faster to work with and are my work day choices. On days off I prefer the luxury of a soap.
  10. I use & love both but agree that creams are easier for a newbie. My favorite cream, and one that makes a lather equal or better than any soap or cream, is Nancy Boy. You can find their site here. I also happen to like their cooling aftershave balm and bath soap. They have "travel" sized tubs if you want to tryout a smaller amount.
  11. I wonder if anybody finds that creams or soaps work any better or worse for someone with a more dense beard or for longer growth? I would say that my beard comes in on the thicker side and I like creams better so far. They seem to be easier on my skin. Some soaps seem more slippery to me when I don't let it go as long between shaves. Not sure if that helps, but maybe some others can say if that rings true to them or is bunch of malarkey. So far I am a huge fan of Taylor on Bond Street Creams, especially for the price. I have buddy that who chooses Tabac over the creams he has tried, and his beard is less dense.
  12. Haha This made me laugh. It's one of those things that is so funny because it's true.
  13. I have multiple soaps and creams.

    I get a good shave from just about all of them.

    But if I had to choose it would be a cream.

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  14. +1 on creams being easier when you're just starting off. I've recently started enjoying creams again, but I love my soaps too. Have fun and try a few of each. Soaps do tend to be harder to lather so give them time till you figure out the right water to soap ratio, and this will vary for each soap.
  15. I go back and forth between my preference for creams vs soaps. IMO, creams can have more fragrance than soap. If you have sensitive skin, this can be a negative. If you like a nice smell whilst shaving, this can be a positive.

    I would say answer the question for yourself by purchasing a refill puck of soap (cheaper) and a tube of cream. Read the forums for ideas on which to start with. I don't think you can go wrong with this approach.
  16. I prefer soaps. I find I get better glide with the razor. They also last for a longer period of time , especially if using a triple milled soap. When I first started with DE shaving I ised TOBS creams , but then after starting with soaps , I have not went back to creams.
  17. I have a large selection of both and like them equally well. I believe that nothing is easier than face lathering with a cheap boar brush and Van der Hagen soap or bowl lathering with C.O. Bigalow. As your interest expands so will your desire to try new products. I would recommend that you start with the basics, creams like C.O. Bigalow/Proraso, or Kiss my Face, or a sampler from Truefitt & Hill. Add some basic soaps like Tabac, or QED, or Mama Bear, or L'Occitane Cade. There is no reason to chose a cream over a soap, or a soap over a cream, for any reason other than personal choice.

    As examples are important I can only use myself as one. My favorite cream is Trafalgar by Truefitt & Hill. Is it the best performer, well, I have a few creams I think are better to shave with but I am addicted to the fragrance. With soaps the same holds true. Unless Charles at QED quits manufacturing his soaps I will never be without his Pine & Cedarwood soap.

    Experiment and have fun.
  18. Get some creams. And more specifically mainstream creams. (Proraso, tabac, KMF, Cella, 3 T's). They all have a proven track record, and are staples of the sport.
  19. Agreed! I find my go-to products during the week are either creams or soap sticks. The soap-in-a-bowl just takes too long on a work day, but I love using them on the weekends!
  20. Yep, pretty much what I think, especially for a newbie. Once you have perfected your Nancy Boy lather building skills (perfect as in what works perfectly for YOU) consider splurging on some Castle Forbes, it is labeled a cream, but it functions more like a soft soap. Ultimately, variety is truly the spice of life, and neither creams nor soaps are better than the other.

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