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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by Cochese2323, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Just got my first tub of shaving cream, AOS Sandalwood. I have been using primarily hard soaps and my only experience with creams has been samples I got from Garry in the little mini containers. My question is how do you guys get it out of the tub?I use a bowl to lather, so should I just stuff my brush in there and load up that way? Or just use my finger to scoop a little out into the bowl? I made some test lather a little bit ago and used my finger to put some in the bowl. Pretty sure I used too much. My bowl was overflowing with fantastic slick, great smelling lather, but at $22 a tub, would rather not be wasting too much at a time. So what is the best method of getting shaving cream out of a tub for bowl lathering?
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    With tub creams, I gently swirl the brush on top of the cream to load it. Don't dip/push your brush into it or you'll end up with enough lather to shave a few sheep. Just let the tips brush the cream.
  3. Depending on the consistency of the cream, you can either scoop it out with a icecream spoon or load it directly onto the brush.
  4. Good sheep reference. This stuff is pretty soft, so I will have to work on loading it with the tips of the brush. I am sure I will probably over/under load the brush a few times, but using my finger didn't work out so great either.
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    You can use a Popsicle stick, your finger, a small spoon, or similar device (I use an old collar stay) to scoop it out or a brush applied directly to the cream.
  6. I had a tub of Trumper's for awhile and found that either fingering it (no snickering...) or using your brush directly on it like a puck, albeit with a softer touch, are the best ways to start out if you prefer not wasting sticks or spoons. With all those methods, start off getting a bit more, and slowly use less for each shave 'til you hit the "sweet spot" where you have enough but arn't wasting any. I always believe that the first product goes by the fastest, saving you money in the long run. Though I'm still newbie, that's my opinion.
  7. Yeah I would rather use too much than end up with a crappy lather and shredded face. Or I can just shave one of my cats with the left over.....SWMBO would love that!
  8. I'm not much for creams these days, but when I do use creams (namely AOS Sandalwood), I just scoop a little out with a plastic spoon, wipe it onto the tips of my brush, and then lather as I normally would. I find putting the brush to the tub always leaves me with way too much.
  9. The ticket to creams is getting a consistent amount in your bowl. I use an ice cream sample spoon I picked up years ago at some ice cream shop.

    You can use a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon (which is a little bigger than my ice cream sample spoon).

    Once you figure out how much to dig out, you can go back day after day and get a consistent lather using a consistent amount of product.

  10. I started off using a little spoon or my finger, but I got annoyed with this as it seemed a bit wasteful because I couldn't get it all off my finger or the spoon. Silly I know, but I decided to just swirl the brush lightly on the surface and this has worked well for me. I face lather now so this just eliminates one less thing in the process for me.
  11. I tend to scoop some out with my finger or a small plastic knife and plop it into the bowl and wipe the rest off on the brush. I don't like to introduce a wet brush to cream as I think it will, over time, add too much water. I buy tubs over tubes as often as I can but tubes are easier to use and get a consistent amount each time. Remember, different manufacturers and even different batches may require a different amount than another brand.
  12. Been using a brush and tub of cream for 20 years, and I always just lightly pushed the wetted brush tips onto the cream a few times, then swirled the heck out of it and got a great lather that way. I don't see any need to use any measuring instruments of any kind. Just get the technique of using the brush to measure the amount you need, and Bob's your Uncle!
  13. I use a popsicle stick.
  14. just use the brush thats how i used to do it and im gna start doing it again because the past few shaves iv been scooping some out and its eating away at my cream faster and im not using that much. Geofatboy has some good videos on this.
  15. I just stole a couple of scoopee spoons from the local frozen yogurt place to dole out the cream. But I still like swirling the tips of the brush over the top of the cream. I use a drier brush and then add water in the bowl to make the lather.
  16. +1 use a drier brush
  17. Swirl with the brush, makes life simpler. My creams are starting to dry out and I have to load them like croaps or soft soaps anyway.
  18. I would much prefer a tube over a tub, but when a 75ml tube is $16 and a 150ml tub is $21.....hard to justify the tube.
  19. I agree.
  20. Exactly, Ryan. It's the economy of the tub that makes me buy one over a tube.

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