Shaves, The Gentlemen's Barber Shop! (Spring Lake NJ) Anyone tried them?

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  1. Looks like they give shaves, haircuts & manicures. Their website just shows AoS products but I found their name on the Caswell-Massey store locator page.

    I added them to the map.

    Anyone know anything about them?
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  3. As a youth I spent some glorious summer days in Spring Lake. Not familiar with this place, though. According to Yelp, there is a barber that does straight shaves in Red Bank called Old World Shaving Parlor. Only has one review, but it's a glowing one.
  4. That review for the barber in Red Bank sounded really good didn't it! I truly love an old Fashioned straight razor shave by a quality Barber. It is VERY hard to find that these days. If you can find a Barber who does straight razor shaves and does them properly it is an experience that must be indulged in.
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    Maybe I try it when I go to Red Bank the next time....sounds interesting.
  6. I live in Avon-By-The-Sea just a couple minutes south of Spring Lake. I know the place, it's right by a pharmacy and PJ's Car Wash. Here's the website:

    I've been on the outside and called them. It looks like a nice place from the pictures and the outside (which I drive by regularly). I'm skeptical though... they only carry AOS products and only shave with AOS stuff. Given by the fact that you can book your appointment on the website as well as purchase gift cards I'd say they're business savy. However you might want to look at "The Margita Pedicure" (yes it says Margita on the website not Margarita).

    Here's the description:

    The Margita Pedicure
    A citrus bath soak with lemon and limes and a shot of your favorite tequila!! This will increase circulation in your feet, even out skin tone and help brighten discolored toe nails. Your feet will then be relaxed with a massage
    of invigorating lotions with hot and cold towels. Accompanied with you will be a margarita to enjoy as the service is being completed.
    A 45 minute service. Must book in advance.

    I think I'd rather go elsewhere... even if they are in the area.
  7. Just checked out the website of the Red Bank Barber....

    Looks like a great place for a man-date. I want to make an appointment despite the fact I just got a haircut.
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    Even the shop logo is stylized like the AoS emblem ... could there be a corporate relationship, like this might be a Franchise AoS shop?

    I don't know how close you are to Mt. Laurel, NJ, but I've been getting excellent service at American Male Salons. They offer a range of services from $28 up to $129. I usually go $35 for "The Worx."

    Alas, they don't do face-shaving, but they do offer a hot-towel facial as one of their services, with an aroma-therapy massage using essential oils. Although I haven't tried it yet, I don't think it would be a problem to bring along your own gear and shave in the bathroom after your appointment is finished.
  9. I'm hoping to go up to the place mentioned in red bank. I def think it looks like some kind of corporate linkage.... but I think even P/G has limits (Margarita Pedicure????)

    The only way I'd even consider a Margarita Foot Treatment is if it's done by Jimmy Buffet himself!
  10. Mt Laurel is actually closer to home for me, but I wish I could find someplace that does shaves closer to home in Bucks County PA.
  11. My birthday is on Sunday. I'm going to Red Bank to treat myself to this barbershop we've been talking about. Will report back after the freshness wears off.
  12. I'm very interested in hearing about how this goes. I work in the Eatontown / Shrewsbury area, so this is just a hop away. Dang, if its half as good as that one review said it was, I would make the hour drive on a weekend to go there.

    That's their main web site, and I'm almost hooked right now just because they feature TF&H.
  13. I would definitely like to know how the place in Red Bank is before going over there. My dad is 87 and in need of a close shave. He has dementia and it would be nice to know if the barber in Red Bank is good. My dad is in Howell so Red Bank is not that far but getting him out of the house isn't easy. I think I will try to get over there to take him next weekend. Let me know how it went for you.

  14. Alright, first off I do not and will not take take any responsibility for anyone getting taken to the barber with dementia. Now since I'm finished with my disclaimer I will continue on as planned.

    I went for the works. Upon getting there it was a bit difficult to find adequete parking as it often is in Red Bank. After finding a spot and loading up the meter with quarters I ventured out of the car and into the pouring rain.

    As I walked from the car up to the barbershop I had no idea what to expect. Upon entering the barber (Shane I believe is his name) was sitting at a table in front on the front counter speaking with someone. Immediately he got up and showed me over to the chair.

    As we started talking and I looked around it was obvious that this place was no joke. I sat there and examine the truefitt products on the counter in front of me sitting next to the royal bay rhum after shave. I looked up to the ceiling and looked at the resorted victorian ceiling which was beautiful. Then I glanced down and saw subway tile.

    This barber shop was legit and a pair of scissors or straightblade hadn't even gotten near my face.

    After shane returned from the back he immediately offered me a beer which of course I could not turn down. Again he went to the back and returned with a ice cold red stripe.

    We talked about how he wanted my hair cut and the looked over at his tools and began to work his magic.

    It turns out that shane used to be part of Shaves down in Spring Lake. An Army vet from a long line of barber's and hair stylists. He left shaves and was working at a barber in SoHo, when he found out from his landlord that some prime space that she (his landlord) owned in red bank was opening up he decided to open his own shop.

    What's interesting about this place, and it is a better story coming from the barber directly is that the space which he decided to open up his shop has been a barber shop for over 100 years.

    What I also must note is that this shop literally just opened. He hasn't been there for more than 8 weeks.

    What also must be noted is that he designed and built all of the interior of the shop himself with the help of a couple friends and from what Shane said it seems that there is a cigar patio in the works so clients can go outside and smoke before or after their cut.

    After getting the history of the shop, talking about where he's from and what my deal is (the normal intro my haircut was completed. It looked great and I'm very picky about my hair.

    Then came the shave, he reclined the chair, threw on some pre-shave oil (an excessive amount which was nice because we had spoke earlier how I like to use a lot of preshave oil) and lathered me up. Most the products he used were Truefitt except some Royall Bay Rum aftershave, aloe/witchhazel gel, and red clay. He gave me a good shave (I have to admit that my skin was slightly irritated on my face from testing blades from my newly received west coast shaving blade sampler pack).

    After everything was all said and done I had an exceptional haircut, great shave, and had found a new place that I will go to for future hair/shaving needs.

    He sells Truefitt products there which is great and he has done a great deal to the shop itself and all by hand. He's a skilled barber and should definitely be considered if you are in the area.

    I drove way out of my typical route to see him (I live in Avon-by-the-Sea approx 30 mins away) and I have been going to a barber that's literally down the block for a few years now. Honestly, I think I may have found a new spot.

    If you have any further questions please ask. If you go there, make sure to ask to see the black-and-white picture of the barber shop that was there prior.

    Enjoy and tell him you read this post by me if you go. I mentioned to him that there has been chatter about his place on the site.

  15. I have gotten my haircut at Shaves many times, but never a shave. It's a nice place, but the haircuts were so-so. I was never that impressed, and it's true that they only sell AOS products. However, they are the only place in NJ I know of that sells John Allan's Matte, which is what I use in my hair.

    I went to Old World for a haircut, and was much happier. I will try the shave the next time I go. Shane was a barber not only at Shaves, but Male Ego in Manalapan (where he built a following), and the NY Shaving Company. A hell of a nice guy. I also got the beer treatment, except he actually called over to the liquor store to get it! He told me they're trying to get some Castle Forbes products in, as he said it's the best stuff in his opinion. They will also give you a free touch up between haircuts if you need it (and I do!).
  16. Sounds great. I'll be back in NJ for a visit in October and will make a point of stopping by.
  17. Went to Shane today for a shave and it was top notch. Very good guy who knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone. Plus it turns out he's worked with some very good barbers I know. Although I did not get the beer treatment like some of the other guys on this forum, I'm sure Shane will have a nice cold Corona waiting for me next time (hint hint :biggrin:) lol

    Good location, and proffesional service. The shop looks good and very classy, plenty to do in Red Bank too if you dont want to drive back right away. I'll be coming back soon. Thanks again Shane! -Pete from Woodbridge

  18. Tawny, I went into Old World Shaving Parlor this past friday. Shane mentioned that you brought your father in. I hope it went well and he's doing okay.
  19. I have been avoided going to Red Bank just for a haircut or a shave or a while. It's not that I haven't wanted to but I hate driving and parking in that town.

    I went last Friday for a Shave from Shane.


    His resume includes the following:

    Shaves (spring lake heights, NJ)
    NY Shaving Company (new york, ny)
    Male Ego (manalapan, nj).

    Great barber, great guy, great experience.

    PS: he now carries castle forbes products.
  20. Shane is the real deal.

    I had the pleasure of going to the Old World Shaving Parlor this past weekend with my brother-in-law. Upon our arrival, Shane was quick to offer us some coffee and tea. My brother-in-law got a shave and I got a shave and a haircut. While I was waiting, Shane even poured us some scotch. :thumbup: Shane gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever had and the straight razor shave was close and irritation free. I have pretty sensitive skin and I didn't have one nick!

    All and all it was an excellent experience-- an old school barbershop atmosphere, top notch products, and awesome service to boot. Shane is a great barber and a great guy. He uses and carries both Truefitt & Hill and Castle Forbes products. He finished off the shave with some Royall Bay Rhum AS, but doesn't sell it. Highly recommended if you live in NJ. I drove 45 minutes and it was worth it. I will make it a point to go back. Thanks again Shane! :thumbup1:

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