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  1. Okay guys

    Ivory soap is available anywhere for 1.99 for a 3 pack. and econmy pack of large bars in 12 pack for maybe a buck more. Ivory is a glycerin based soap with simple ingredients.

    So i just whipped up some lather of tabacs and ivory side by side. The lather i produced with Ivory bar soap was slicker and rinsed off my hand with less drying effect than the Tabacs.

    So, if anyone would like to be a part of this have a shave with Ivory bar soap and report back.

    If we can evaluate this together, we may have found a very good travel shave soap/soap all in one. I'd also like to find something widely available as an emergency shave soap/im poor again shave soap rather than buying a can of goo.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I love Ivory soap. When I grew up as a kid and that's all we had in our house and guess what, I now have grown up kids of my own and Ivory is still in my house, as my soap of choice. That's for bathing and washing our hands though and I wouldn't want to use it to shave with. Forget the deoderant and fragranced soaps, I do love my Ivory. :thumbup1:
  3. According to Wikipedia, Ivory is still a soap. I am surprised, pleasantly surprised. The principle ingredient is sodium tallowate. I don't want to shave with it, but loved it as a kid, and appreciate actual soap now. Most bar soap is, I think, detergent-based.
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  5. + 1,000,000 :w00t::w00t:

    I have tried a number of bath soaps as shaving soaps. They all performed really poorly. I have no interest in conducting such an experiment again.
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    Shaving with Ivory soap has been discussed before ... maybe someone can dig up the thread.

    The general consensus is that it will suffice in an emergency, but nobody wants to use it as a regular part of their rotation.

    I have a friend who shaves with bath soap, because that's what his father did. He uses one of those deodorant soaps, like Dial or Irish Spring. He just figures "soap is soap." Well, it isn't, and his face shows it.
  7. On the other hand, I have found that disappointing drug store type shaving soaps often make fine bath soaps.
  8. I came to the same conclusion after reading over it. Strange this post came up just now. This week my Kroger had three bars of Ivory on sale for 1 whole dollar and I bought some.

    Here's the kicker, if you look closely at the plastic wrapper, it's called Simply ivory, and it contains glycerin according to Wikipedia. Glycerin lubricates my face well.

    Anyway, I had to try it. I face lathered and my water was not real hot, nor the soap real warm and wet, however it was certainly not awful. I'll try it again. Interesting to know you could use this in a pinch.
  9. I have used Ivory as a shave "stick" on camping trips. Did OK there but have not tried it as a normal daily soap.
  10. I have tried Ivory soap as a shaving soap in the past. It is slick, dries out too fast and, although it seems mild as a bath/hand soap, it irritated my face.

    I won't make that mistake again. It's shaving soap for me or I don't shave.
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    I have to admit to trying it - but not Ivory alone. I ran out of shaving soap to make my uberlather - so I substituted Ivory soap with Proraso and glycerin. It was an OK shave - but no comparison to using my usual Mama Bear shaving soap. If it weren't for the Proraso the lather would have been very limp and not slippery enough. The next time I just used Proraso and waited for my soap order to arrive!
  12. How could any of us run out of shaving soap being that most of us already have a lifetime supply and most of the pucks we use seem to last forever.:001_rolle
  13. I think most the dudes on B&B fall in to a certain category of guys that were getting horrible shaves with canned crap and multi-blade razors, so they went on google looking for help and came upon this place. Guys like this, either because of their skin sensitivity or hair thickness need a great lather, great razor, and great technique to achieve a top quality shave. Some other guys can deal with less then these perfect conditions longest all 3 aren't the worst of the worst. For the former category, ivory just aint going to work.
  14. I don't feel the need to to do this...I tried it 35 years ago and it was only fair. I didn't use a brush back then, just lathered it up...maybe that was my error?
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    Life is too short to shave with anything but the best soap you can find.
  16. Sorry, can't do it.

    Do you know what my wonderful, loving, kind wife would say if she saw me shaving with Ivory soap after cashing in our kids college fund for shave soaps????????? :lol:

    Ok, I wouldn't go that far but I don't want to add uo what I've spent since February, when I started using shave soaps.:001_rolle
  17. Ok, forgot to ask, but is it glycerin or tallow? Both have been stated above I believe.

    BTW....Ivory soap floats. Great for camping if you wnat to bath in a creek. :biggrin1:
  18. Same here...:thumbdown
  19. Nasty stuff causes me to sneeze. It's not allowed in the house.
  20. Don't be afraid to bash the Williams name directly!

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