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    Greetings. For show 'n' tell I like to show something that very few B&B members will have heard of, even fewer have tried, and even fewer still would ever prefer to soaps and croaps. By process of elimination, I'm probably the only member here who uses shave jelly. Yes, shave JELLY. Not a cream, and not exactly a gel. It's brushless and latherless. Over the past few months I've tried several vendors' products (all bought from Etsy) before realizing, that every instance of scented shaving jelly available on the market right now is merely a scented version of this bulk product. Just compare this ingredient list:
    With these:
    Portland General Store
    Anderson Soap Co.
    Tree & Sapling
    Nevermore Body Co.

    With the exception of some fragrance listed at the end, or some more daring companies actually adding some additional extract(s), all shave jellies on the market are essentially the same product. Not that comparing ingredient lists alone is enough proof, but after having used products from all of the aforementioned vendors, I'll posit that I have enough experience to reasonably conclude that they're literally the same thing. So I figured, instead of paying for a repackaged, rebranded, scented and marked-up version of what's made by Farm Fresh Organics, how about I save a few bucks and just get the stuff from the original source?Much to my dismay, such savings were not meant to be; the company charges $13.95 shipping for this 16 ounce jar. :001_huh: Whatever. We all know that the majority of this community will not even begin to consider anything that doesn't lather. Fair enough. Odd reason in my view but hey, different strokes for different folks. From my experience, shave jelly has no equal. Being made mostly of aloe, this jelly softens my fairly sensitive skin like nothing I've used before or since, and I truly mean nothing. By the time I step out of the shower (yes, I shave in the shower) my skin is so absurdly soft and moist that it almost feels a bit "rubbery", for lack of a better term. Soap can't touch this. I strongly suspect that shave jelly can be used waterless but I haven't tried that, and I dont think I care to because I simply enjoy shower shaving too much.

    I couldn't get a good photo of the jelly in its white jar, but fortunately I keep a small amount in a clear jar for traveling. The jelly isn't clear, but almost is. Once applied, it's completely clear.

    With this I do two passes every day, wtg then atg, including my upper lip. I might get a nick only if my Merkur Fakelite keeps the same Astra blade for more than a couple days, which is very rare. I get zero ingrowns and zero irritation. I actually don't need aftershave, but just like Oliveology, this stuff actually can double as such. I use Feather Kanwa just so my $34 jar will last longer, which I'm sure will last several months anyway.

    And no, it's not petroleum jelly in case anyone is wondering. This is primarily water and rinses cleanly.
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  2. Seriously.....:confused1
  3. Glad you like it, no thanks for me though.
  4. Whatever works! Why I even know a guy that says he shaves with generic petrolium jelly.
  5. That's precisely what I thought after seeing your reply. I wasn't aware that I'd give anyone the impression that I was joking.
  6. ouch

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    Well, I guess we can close up shop now.
  7. That stuff seems cool!
  8. I agree, it seems kind of cool, but not for me I think. A large part of the "experience" of my daily shave is working up a good lather with my brush and applying it to my face.
  9. or rename the site "Jelly & Blade"
  10. Glad it works for you. I'll pass though.
  11. Looks like a lubricant jelly. I have heard of this stuff before. I have enough stuff to shave with right now. I'll get some. Tomorrow.
  12. throw some menthol in and id be willing to give it a shot!
  13. When I used cartridge razors, I made them bearable with King of Shaves oil (just 2-3 drops massaged in) covered with aloe vera gel. A wondrous combination, with all the glide and cushion you could hope for, and the ability to carry away shaved stubble without clogging the razor.

    View attachment $HB082139_R_H200W000.gif
    In some ways, shaving soap doesn't beat that. But soap can help with beard prep (being alkaline, typically) and some - like MWF - have remarkable skin conditioning abilities.
    Both options are good, personal preference will decide. I haven't used the aloe for a long time, but still have it and wouldn't hesitate to use it again rather than resort to canned junk.
  14. Working a soapy lather into your face helps to clean the oil and debris from around the hairs. I don't think you would get that effect from this stuff. I can see the potential post shave skin benefits though

    But who doesn't like lather? My kids get all 'lathered up' for bubble baths for the same reason
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    What if you made some juberlather with it?
  16. Good for you, dude. Thanks for sharing. I never would have thought of that.
  17. Can you describe how it shaves?
  18. Might be interesting for travel, but I am definitely a fan of the brush process, not for the lather but for the feel of the brush on the face if nothing else. My wife may like it for her legs though.
  19. I tried Portland General Store's jelly and I have to say, I got one of the best shaves of my life. Very odd feel, almost clinical, but it sure as heck works. Two passes to BBS with no irritation (and for me that was always the realm of fantasy).
    That said, I save it for travel; I just love lathering with a brush too much, and the jelly does tend to gunk up the razor.

    I've got a feeling it's a little like the :nuke:"M****d that launched a thousand rants" great for some, but aesthetically offensive to others. If you just can't get a comfortable shave any other way, give this a shot before you give up on DE.
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  20. That stuff might be really good for anyone shaving body hair - legs etc.

    Ladies ? Someone want to try that?

    Or perhaps one of you gents might do downstairs test ? LOL..

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