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  1. Hello. What's is the best way to shave the back of you neck ? Please share how you guys do it? And how often . I just purchased Philips bg2040 body groomer don't think its worth it as they claim it to be.
  2. I cut my own hair and this is something I have to deal with regularly. Just get a small handheld mirror and stand infront of your bathroom mirror. Put some water on the back of your neck and go slow with your razor. I haven't tried this yet with my DE, but it is on my things to do.
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    First of all, welcome to B&B!!!

    I just do it by feel. I start while shaving my neck, then I just continue around to the back of my neck. Repeat on the other side. I used to use my Mach 3, but now I just use my DE or straight razor. If you are comfortable with the razor in your hand, it isn't difficult.
  4. I have found a great method for shaving the back of my neck. I bought a very good Wahl razor, and got married. Whenever I need my neck shaved, I say, "honey, do you have time to shave my neck?" and at some point after I ask the question, my neck gets shaved. It's almost like magic! NOTE: the Wahl razor can be much easier to live with than a wife. Please pick your wife carefully.
  5. I don't know about you, but foil shavers like the body groom simply don't do well with my thick tiger fur. I use hair clippers for the back of my neck and just do it by feel, with no mirror. Its not hard. It doesn't get all the way smooth but I'm fine with reduction rather than removal. Regular hair clippers are cheaper and more powerful than the body groomers.

    The Jersey Shore guys shave each others necks with cartridge razors.
  6. I agree, a wife or girlfriend is best here. Just remember the hair dosen't always grow down here. Mine starts to, then the pattern changes to in toward my spine. If this is ignored I ususally end up with razor burn. Hope this helps.
  7. +1 I too ask SWMBO to take care of this for me in between wig bustings.
  8. +1 :turned::turned::turned:
    Just remember, the Wahl is always in a good mood. SWMBO...maybe not. If not, I use the water, sensor disposable, and 2 mirror method.
  9. I use a Gillette Guard in the shower for the back of my neck.
  10. +1

    I keep a well groomed neck, and I literally haven't personally performed the operation in years. This is just one of the fringe benefits of holy matrimony. Who needs random hookups, the freedom of bachelorhood, and strange when you got a fresh neckline?
  11. Every Sunday, usually, is haircut day. Buzz the head and when done with the head, turn around an hit the neck with a smaller clip that came with the set. I use a couple of mirrors. I could not use a de or any other sharp object.
  12. electric grooming kit..#2 trimmer for my hair..remove head for back of the for me
  13. I generally trim the back of my neck by feel with whatever razor I have in my hand. Usually I cup one hand around my hairline to stop from shaving too high. Shaving blind like that probably doesn't get me the best shave, but it seems to be OK.
  14. I can say the bodygroom is not the best for shaving the neck, but what I do is since I shave my head, I usually shave my neck during my shave, I use a fusion proglide for my head because last time I tried to use a de even a super speed, slants or my slim adjustable = irritation and blood loss. If anyone who does shave their head, I could use some pointers lol. I can do some touch up with my de razors but full shave on the head nope. But for my face nothing but my de razors!

  15. +1 ditto, Pugsly
  16. I shave my face with a DE daily and get 3 days out of a blade. On the third/last day of the blade, I shave as normal (3+ passes) then rinse. After that I add a bit more to my brush and bowl lather for the back of my neck. I do 3 passes on my neck using a mirror. After my neck is done, I clean up and apply witch hazel for face and neck (front and back). I find that this works well for me because the back of my neck is not as sensitive and is more forgiving with a slightly duller blade and any abuse I may give it from rushing or mirror-angle silliness.
  17. Bone dry and steep angle. Like you, after the blade is no longer useful on my face.
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    Most of the time I do the 2-mirror method with an injector razor. I always seem to have an injector around with a blade in it that's still good enough to do the back of the neck once a week or so.
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    What was your back of the neck shave method in past, did you always use electrics?

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