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  1. Hello Again all,

    Yesterday I trimmed by beard ready for shaving tonight.

    I fellow board member very kindly send me a selection of blades to try, so I got my self all ready and chose the feather blade.

    I'm sad to say I will be throwing it straight in the bin, My first shave was with a standard Wilkinson sword blade that I got free with the with my tech.

    Using the feather the shave even after 3 passes is not anywhere near as close as the WS blades and I managed to cut my self (could be my own fault of course)

    Ill give it a week and try again with a different blade.

    Thanks All
  2. Feathers are pretty much the sharpest blade out there, and they differ greatly depending on angle, razor and how hard you are pushing. If it's only the second shave, don't make the mistake I did and throw away something you don't like right away. When you learn the right angle and the right mapping of your beard, there's a good possibility if you try it again it'll be just fine. And if not, don't throw it away, PIF!
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  3. Those Feathers will fool you, not cutting your beard on one hand and cutting you on the other. It's not like you shouldn't try a Feather to start, but there's lots of other blades I'd recommend trying before you come back to the Feather. Maybe leave that one for about 3-6 months and come back to it. Finicky blades they are.
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    Some like Feathers - some don't. Try other blades and don't be influenced by what others think.

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