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  1. Found the Shark Super Chrome to fit nicely both with sharpness and comfort. Using them on the second go-round in the sampler and they perform wonderfully and they come in at a nice value. I definitely think a larger order is in the stars for these!
  2. The Shark Super Chrome is one of my go to blades as they provide for me a smooth and close shave. You might also want to try the Lord Super Chrome and Lord Platinum blades as Lord is the manufacturer for all Shark blades. Another blade that I really like is the Voskhod Teflon coated blades that are Russian made. I find they provide a similar shaving experience for me as I get with the SC and Lord Platinums.
  3. I am currently woking through a box of 100 of these. I am about 3/4 of the way through .. Love these blades !!
  4. I just tried the Shark SC's tonight, coming from the SS's for the past three shaves. I like the SC's much better, they both seem to be pretty smooth blades on my skin, but the SC's are sharper, with a lot less tugging. I'm going to have to give them a couple more shaves, but I think these may become one of my favorites. I hated Lord Platinums, but I tried those a month ago, and may find them more agreable now, as my technique has improved drastically.
  5. Funny just saw this post and just tried the sharks. I really didn't like them, they felt dull to me. They felt alright at first but required way too much clean up and caused a little irritation. I prefer Astra sp and gillette 7 o'clock blue; they're much smoother.
  6. Blades are the poster children for YMMV.

    That said, I really like both varieties of Sharks.
  7. Although I've have used many, many blades (to include the Shark SS), over many, many years and the I found the Shark Super Chrome's are perfect for me (my one & only 'go-to holy grail' blade). [​IMG]

    There's no pulling or tugging, are moderately sharp, very, very smooth, (albeit a 'weeper' now & then..but zero 'nicks'), very little to no irratation and no touch of razor burn that %99.9 of the time results in CCS's in 2 passes (WTG & ATG), with 2 great shaves per blade and are very compatible with both of my Merkur 23C & 38C razors. :thumbsup:

    [​IMG]"Merkur; Solingen quality, Time-tested Tradition with Modern Design".

    [​IMG]"A razor [blade] can't be sharpened on a piece of velvet." Author Unknown
  8. I've only tried the Shark SS - found it a bit rough and not sharp enough for me in the Futur.

    I'm finding I prefer platinum blades for my beard and skin type, so no big surprise there. I'll get around to trying the Shark SC soon and I think they may be more to my liking.

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