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  1. I just got a number of Shark blades in a sampler. Do people use them? What do you think?
  2. I love them . I do find the stainless more comfortable for me than the super chromes..
  3. I like Sharks, I have both but the the stainless a tad better.
  4. While lots of folks love them, the SCs felt rough and irritated my face.
  5. I like the SC's. To me they perform in a very similar way to Personna Platinum Chromes. I found the Shark SS blades a bit rough.
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    I have a tuck of each, but enjoying my rotation so much right now, I just can't get started.
  7. What do you think of them?

    I have a pack in my sampler. Haven't gotten to them. When I finish the Feathers I'm on now I don't know whether to close my eyes and grab, or what. I tend to want to try either what folks have praised or condemned. I figured condemned is next.
  8. I tried them long ago and just remember these were okay but nothing special. There are better blades.
  9. I bought a 100 pack of Shark super stainless because i read very good comments about them. Also they were very economical ($6.49). I found them very dull with a lot of tugging. I opened about 5-6 packs and every blade was the same, bad batch maybe? I gave them to a friend of mine, he finds them nothing special, but OK if he runs out of his favorite blades.
  10. I have a pack of 5 from a sampler. I have used 2. They are OK but Wilkinson and Derby are infinitely better for me. I might give one another try just to check how good Wilkies are :001_smile
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    The Shark SS is a cornerstone in my den. I have a 25+ year supply of them :blushing:. So yes I like them...
  12. They worked for me. I preferred the SC to the SS. YMMV.
  13. They're a middle of the pack kind of blade for me. There are a lot of better blades out there I'd go to first.
  14. I had good luck with the super chromes in a parker 86. If I hadn't broken that razor, I don't think I would even have tried anything else. I don't know if this is a synergistic combination in general, or if it just suited MY technique.
  15. I currently have a sample pack of Sharks. Haven't tried them yet, but I was wondering whether they are any good. My 8 year old thinks I should use Sharks... why? Because there is a freakin' shark on the box!
  16. Why would you even argue with that?
  17. Prefer the SC over SS.
    This is one blade that I have to be picky on what pre shaver cream/oil I use. Tried a SC with Proraso pre shave cream and it was not a good shave. Tried the same setup with AOS pre shave oil and it was a great smooth shave.
  18. I like the Shark SS in my Fatip...close shave with little burn.
  19. It's a fine blade,i able to go DFS shave with 2 pass in my 40's super speed with the SHARK ss.Not astra smoothiess with the ATG pass but overall i kinda like it,better than derby IMO :closedeye
  20. I like the Shark SS in my Merkur Slant. I find one blade good for just two shaves but at their price point longevity isn't important.

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