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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I've been reading some good things about Shark blades and was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback as to their quality? I'm new to the DE razor world so any info about Shark or other brand recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks very much!
  2. I've shaved a few Shark blades and they are one of my top blades. From what I can tell quality is consistent blade-to-blade. Very sharp, almost as sharp as a Feather. Perhaps slightly more forgiving.
  3. I'm a big Shark fan, but I'm also going to be the first to tell you that just 'cause me and a zillion other guys may love them, that's no guarantee that they will work well for you.

    PM me with your address and I'll post you a few so you can find out.
  4. Very decent blades. Sharp and inexpensive. Looks like Topgumby has you all taken care of. Isn't the B&B a wonderful place?
  5. For me, it continues to be the best shave right out of the box. Most other blades are rough on the first couple passes but gets better with each pass. Shark Super Chrome always glide over my face on the very first pass. Awesome blade for cheap ($16.00/100 blades West Coast Shaving). But like everything, YMMV. What I have noticed is what may work for one, or a thousand on B&B might not work for you.
  6. :thumbup1: Shark SC are also great blades for me. So far, on the green Gillette 7 o'clocks are as good to me.
  7. Where do you guys get your Shark blades supply from? Any recommendations?
  8. We must be on the same page: Green Gillette 7s are my top blade, Sharks only barely behind!
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  10. Cheers Luc. $12US for 100 blades is cheap.

  11. Recommend buying from board member melyus. Also has a web site.
  12. Sharks are currently my favorite blade on my New Improved or Merkur Travel. Great blades, Melyus is great to deal with.
  13. I got a couple packs from bullgoose and have been loving them! :thumbup1:
  14. If you forced me to use a Shark, it would have to be a super stainless and after I got done shaving I would kick you in the nutts, hard.
  15. :lol: Funny thing is Lord makes Sharks and their Lord line of blades, and the Lords are terible to me, but the Sharks a great. Go figure.
  16. I'm vacationing right now. Mailed a five pack of Shark SCs ahead since you can't have blades in an airplane carry-on. The sharks have been working great. DFS every day with no hassle. No nicks.
  17. A little editing, and the truth is revealed! :lol:
  18. I officially change my opinion on Lord Platinums. It was my technique that was bad, not the blade.
  19. I was a big Shark fan, then I became a little disenchanted with them. I couldn't figure out how something that gave a good shave at first could start providing bad shaves. It seemed they gave a good shave if I only shaved every other day, but really irritated my face if I used them everyday.

    For whatever reason, I continued to use the Sharks and am starting to really enjoy using them again. May have been switching to a Slim and lowering the setting when going ATG. They even seem to be working good again in my travel HD now.

    I've threw in a Feather or two for a comparison. The Sharks are starting to kick ass again.

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