shared den/bathroom or private?

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Is your shave den shared or private?

  1. I share my shave den / bathroom

  2. I have a private shave den / bathroom

  3. other

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  1. In an effort to collate the number of fellows who share a bathroom/shave den with an other and those who have there own private shave space/den, I
    have created the above poll.

    . . . Half, out of curiosity and half out of the desire to know how to broach the topic with my wife when it inevitably comes up some day. I'd like,
    very much, to have a private shave den when we can afford to have a place with two+ bathrooms. Is that so much to ask? I'd like to listen to music in there and have some peaceful solace when getting prepped for the day. . . But she hates my music and I'm not sure how she feels about peaceful solace, either.

    Alas we are both penniless students at the moment. So that's 1 so far, for shared bathroom.

    Thanks all.

    (never posted a poll, so bare with me, as I test this thing.)
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  2. I live in a mountain home that was built in 1925 with 3 levels. The bottom level bathroom is no more than 6ftx6ft with a small shower and sink, toilet, and my den display and pocket rack from IKEA. The kids brush their teeth there but use the upstairs tub for bathing, same thing for my wife. It's a quite nice man-cave-den.
  3. chuckr9

    chuckr9 Contributor

    I share, but timing is different so most of the time it is not-competing.
  4. I share my bathroom with my girl friend, she is moving in officially June 1st, and she actually thinks its really cool.

    I cant complain at all lol
  5. My wife and I have separate bathrooms, but she has visiting privileges to my shave den to change towels.
  6. I like it... Modern man(?)... :lol:
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  7. Snargle

    Snargle Contributor

    I have my own bathroom, with my own cabinets for shaving gear and other sundries, but share the shower/bathtub with SWMBO. For the most part, my shaving time is undisturbed. :001_smile
  8. My shave cave is in the garage, I have everything set up around the laundry sink, it works out really well.
  9. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    I share with my wife - but it is never an issue since we have different schedules.

    However, today we had an a.m. appointment and she saw me face lathering for the first time. Her comment: "Try not to splash water on the mirror." Then she saw where my blades were kept and saw two corks. She asked what they were for and I told her I tried them on certain blades at one time. Naturally, she asked why they were still there.
  10. Niles

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    I have my own bathroom as I am single. But it's tiny.
  11. eth


    I share a bathroom, there are shelves for my stuff and shelves for her stuff. If I want some peace and quiet in the bathroom I will simply time my morning to not coincide with her time. There are many good reasons to have multiple bathrooms, such as future kids, hosting parties or visits, generally if it is reasonable to assume that more than three people will need a bathroom simultaneously at some point.. If the one and only reason to have two bathrooms is to set up a private shave den, I can understand it if someone won't accept the idea. So what you do is argue for multiple bathrooms for reasons more fitting for whoever you are convincing, and just naturally develop it as your shave den. :wink2:
  12. If I could avoid this sort of spousal commentary for just one part of the day -- especially the morning part -- well then, I think all will be serene. But I reckon we'll need a second bathroom for that to be the case. ;)
  13. :thumbsup:
  14. We have two bathrooms but we share.
  15. I share, but that may be changing shortly. We're building a new house and I get to decorate the master bath while my wife gets to decorate the guest bath. I'm going for a "Victorian" or turn-of-the-century barbershop look (which she actually kind of likes). She is going for some kind of flowery look in her bathroom. Although we'll still share, I suspect she will use her bathroom more than the master.

    I'm also getting more space for my soaps, balms, razors, brushes, splashes,... I'm sure my "collection" will quickly expand to fill the space. :cheerful:
  16. I'm curious to see a pic. I'm sure it works great assuming the sink basin is huge.
  17. I have my own bathroom that I don't share! Ok, not entirely true, my wife is down there since she generally does the laundry and the washer and dryer are in the bathroom. It's quite a large room actually, but since thats where most of the "evil 8 legged creatures" are spotted I get the place all to myself! The only drawback is dince the bathroom is in the basement the mirror sits below the window and I'm a very tall fellow (6'5") and I have to hunch over to see myself in the mirror!
  18. Don't hate me for this... but.....

    We have 5 bathrooms in our house so I have my own bathroom that I shave in. Two of the the 5 baths would be called master bathrooms as they are 4 fixture, the other 3 are guest or entertaining bathrooms and they are 3 fixture, smaller and off of the living room and other entertaining areas.

    I call my bathroom my "shave cathedral" because it has a very high cathedral ceiling over the sink area with a north facing window high up that provides incredible natural lighting. The bathroom is 17' long by 8' wide and divided into 2 rooms. The smaller room has the toilet and shower and is divided from the main room by a sliding pocket door. The larger room has the sink, whirlpool, and a dressing area. There is also a linen/towel closet with a louvered door. The sink cabinet is 6' long with a single bowl (I said it was my bathroom so I did not put in a second sink). The cabinet has 2 banks of 3 drawers on each side that hold my soaps, creams, blades, and a few DE and SE razors.

    On one wall is a shelf that holds my after shaves. Under that is a free standing cabinet that holds my straight razors, bowls, scuttles, a few shaving towels, etc. I have my razor strops hanging from a door hinge next to where the razors are kept. There is provisions for a chandelier in the cathedral ceiling but I have not put one in (have not found one I like enough to hang).

    Like I said... Don't hate me for this.... pics follow





  19. I'll usually shower and shave in the second bathroom, mainly to avoid disturbing wife and baby still asleep in the bedroom.
  20. Yep, the sink basin is huge. The cabinet above the towel on the left has a "few" more shave items.

    $IMG_2883.jpg $IMG_2886.jpg $IMG_2887.jpg
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