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  1. I was thinking about purchasing a Shapton stone to use after my DMT 8000 and before my Shapton Glass 16000. There is a Glass 10000 and a Pro 12000. The prices are similar, and the 12000 pro is squarely between the 80000 and 16000 ratings (at least by the numbers), so would it be the better choice?

    And before I get 10000 posts saying to get a Coticule.... I have 3 already :blush: I love them, but sometimes I just want a sharp razor quickly and without slurry mucking everything up.
  2. If I remember right, Max used his 16k GS after the DMT, and he said it was good that way. A few people use the Naniwa 12k after the DMT, that is as fine as the Shapton, bit a bit slower. So you should be ok without an in between stone. If you wan't something, get a Shapton GS 8k, thats totally sufficient before the 16k. My guess is that you won't feel the difference between the 10-12-16k Shapton, or only very minor.
  3. I have glass stone set. They work fine. I don't like the idea of mixing them with pro... I don't have a scientific explanation, it's just because I have the support for glass and change the stones quickly and simply :)
  4. I've read that the Ceramic Pro 12k is similar to the glass 16k and after owning both, I can say that's pretty close so that's not really going to do what you want.
  5. The Shapton 12K (in Japan) or 15K in the US. They are both cream color and probably the same grit (I don't have a 12K version). They are different formulations, though. Anyway, they are about the same in grit to the Shapton Glass 16K - only 1K difference at that level doesn't really make a difference. They are both very nice shaves.

    As for after the DMT 8000, The 10K is a very nice stone. It is hard and leaves a very clean edge. However - and I'm assuming you are using more DMTs in your progression? (extra fine & fine, perhaps?), the 8K Shapton glass will be more productive in cleaning up the scratches made by the diamonds, and sets you up for a nice doubling on the 16K.

    Let us know what you decide! :thumbup1:
  6. Thanks for all the help everyone! I had one more question, is there a reason for the price spike of the Shapton Glass 10000? I understand the 32000 is kind of a unique ultra fine hone, and they can get away with charging $300 for it, but why is the 10000, more than the hones below or above it?

    I did not realize they were almost the same, its weird that they would make such a drastic change in grit ratting for different markets.

    Yep, thats exactly what I was using actually.

    I have a Naniwa and it feels like it gets clogged instantly, and almost needs lapping after every razor. I was thinking of selling it off to fund the Shapton, as I like the feel of my Shapton worlds better.
  7. This. You need an 8K Shapton glass to set you up for your Shapton 16K. The shapton glass 8K should also clean up more scratches from your DMT. Don't take the grit ratings for anything either.

    The DMTEE is 3 microns, while the Shapton Glass 8000 is 1.84 microns so it is perfectly setup to get you to your Shapton 16K.
  8. This is a fantastic answer, thank you Harvitz! 1.75 vs. 1.84 micron grit size is actually a much better way to think about it than with the seemingly arbitrary grit ratting. I think I'm going to get the 8k for $60 less.


    I went with the Shapton Glass 8000, thanks again everyone.
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  9. Good show! :thumbup:

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