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  1. Thinking of branching out a bit with shampoo bars. :confused1 Anyone tried Sweet Creek Herbs? The swmbo found some good reviews over on a long hair forum, so we're considering a sampler and wanted to know if anyone here in the "men's care" section had tried them.

    Seem to sell on Etsy and the link to her overall site is
    ingredients for the clary sage shampoo soap are: coconut oil, castor oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide solution with real raw silk, jojoba, with natural blended oils of clary sage and grapefruit
    all varieties have added marshmallow root tea, MEmu Oil, and avocado oil

    she lists MEmu oil as - emu oil, herbal oil (of marshmallow root, echinacea leaf, elder flowers in organic virgin olive oil), jojoba, virgin coconut oil, herbal oil (of chamomile and st. johnswort in sunflower oil), herbal oil (of calendula in macadamia nut and sunflower oils), hemp seed oil, rice meadowfoam oil*, evening primrose oil, avocado oil
  2. Ordered a 4 pack sampler from Sweet Creek Herbs (a silk, a marshmallow silk, and veggie both with and without coconut oil/castor oil) and 4 samples from Chagrin Valley (chamomile & citrus, Butter bar, honey beer and egg, summer sunshine) and one rosemary/mint goats milk shampoo bar as well from a local source. Will review starting with SCH when it comes in, since that seems a new source and perhaps I can save someone a mistake or find a new option.
  3. thanks. I'd also be interested in a comparison of the Sweet Creek stuff with the Chagrin Valley stuff.
  4. I used her "Bergamot, Marsh Mallow Silk Shampoo Soap", since she recommends it for oily hair. I rinse with apple cider vinegar every three days. That soap works well doing that.
    I found the smell a bit talcy, so I just ordered two different shampoo bars from her. Even so, I recommend these bars.

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