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  1. Hey all, I've been looking to get some artisan soaps from QCS after looking at their product line up and I came across their shampoo bars. Did a little reasearch and read mixed opinions on using some kind of vinegar rinse after a shampoo bar. some say use it, while others say it isn't necessary. I have thick hair, not too oily i guess, but I keep it Very short. I usually get it cut once a week or stretch it out to every two weeks, but I rock a high and tight pretty much (#1on top, skin on the sides). All that being said, would a vinegar rinse be necessary for my hair type if I were to swtich to a shampoo bar?
  2. I use shampoo bars and have never done a vinegar rinse
  3. I take it you've had no scalp issues or left over residue form the bar?
  4. If you have short hair then I doubt it. You're cutting it often enough that any damage is being trimmed on a regular basis. Long hair, ime, needs the vinegar rinse to make the hair smoother.
  5. I use a shampoo bar and keep my hair fairly short, about a #6. I can't tell the difference whether I use vinegar or not after my hair dries.
  6. I've been using the J.R. Liggett tea tree and hemp oil bar for about two weeks and I have felt no residue or issue that would need a vinegar rinse. Since its summer I keep my hair shorter ("regular" or "businessman's" cut every three weeks) and its been great. I'm a huge fan.
  7. I've been using shampoo bars since last year and I don't notice any heavy feeling in my hair that would warrant a ACV rinse. Having said that I also keep it fairly short and I bounce between a J.R Leggets, Grandpas Pine Tar and a bar from The Soap Works.
  8. I started using Mike's Shampoo bars and LOVE them! Until recently my hair was longish (3-4 inches, kept off the ears and neck). I never needed a vinegar rinse, but did try it a few times. It's akin to using a conditioner after shampoo. It'll soften the hair and remove the tacky feeling from the shampoo bar, but it's not really needed. For hair as short as yours, you probably won't notice any need for it.
  9. I'm using a shampoo bar at the moment; as long as I remember to use conditioner, I haven't seen a need for the vinegar, but if I go without conditioner, the buildup is almost immediately noticeable to me.
  10. Thanks for all the info and input guys! I think I'll be giving the bar a try. Plus, it'll give me another reason to place an order at QCS for some shaving cream samples. All the talk of Vostok and Iced key lime have me itching to try it!
  11. I use a Leggett's Tea Tree bar and it works better for me than detergent shampoos. In fact I used to need Head and Shoulders on a fairly frequent and now don't need it at all.

    I have never even heard of guys using vinegar in their hair and have no idea why we would want to, so no, it's not necessary.
  12. I use Mikes shampoo bar every other day and boy does it get your hair squeaky but a tiny dab of conditioner will smooth it out if you don't like it. Personally, I just leave it squeaky and my hair isn't falling it. Smells and feels great this stuff does
  13. I use a qcs bar on my short hair every day....never needed a rinse.
  14. The vinegar rinse is good for increased shine, removal of buildup from products such as mousse, gels, and pomades, and leaves the hair feeling ultra-smooth. I use it about once or twice a week. It's about the same pH as the scalp, so I feel it conditions the scalp also. Some folks leave it in; others rinse it out. I shampoo with the shampoo bar every two to three days.

    You can also leave the lather from the shampoo bar in your hair for a while before rinsing and this provides extra conditioning.
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  15. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with this: the oils and butters in your shampoo bar that sound conditioning are not actually present in the bar as such. They have been turned into soap and despite the superfat, the higher alkalinity is not good to leave in your hair any length of time. Wash your hair briefly and rinse out the lather, use the vinegar rinse and/or conditioner and/or hair oil for conditioning your hair. The rest is good advice: a dilute vinegar rinse is an excellent thing to use to return the hair and scalp to a correct pH faster, makes hair appear shinier, etc.
  16. none what so ever. Switching to shampoo bars actually cleared up my scalp. I had mild psoriasis and have been using the bars for about a month
  17. +1 Shampoo bar wash and rinse, acv wash and rinse. After shower 2 drops of Michelle's hair oil rubbed lightly on scalp. Comb and done.
  18. I use QCS shampoo bars and vinager rinse. The rinse definitely leaves my hair shinier. I also use olive oil/ honey once or twice a week to moisturize.
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    What is the correct dilution for an apple cider vinegar rinse?
  20. OK, this thread got me thinking so I mixed up a solution of apple cider vinegar and water, 50-50, and used it as a rinse following the Leggett's yesterday and today. I can report that it does make a difference, at least in a 2-day trial. My hair is softer and whatever buildup was produced by the shampoo is gone completely.

    Not "necessary" but worthwhile for me, so far.

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