Shaklee or Herbalife?

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  1. Anyone here used any of their products? I'm curious about them.
  2. Wife's family was involved in Herbalife a few years back. Classic pyramid scheme that cost several thousand dollars. After all that, I would avoid them, no matter what the reputation of their products. If they were that good, they would be sold through stores rather than the way they were marketed.
  3. Herbalife got sued by the federal government for making false claims about their products and lost.

    Personally I don't think that it is a good idea to take large amounts of supplements or herbal products because there have been many cases that they can do harm. And the effects of many herbs on health are still unknown.
  4. Both are multi level marketing and not "pyramid schemes". Doesn't mean there products aren't good quality. I've never taken either but I have a buddy who sells Nutrilite which is a division of Amway. I've never used them either but they are supposed to be high grade. There are independent testing labs which have results you can read.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies get sued all the time.

    But... for the record I'm looking more specifically into weight loss/ meal replacement products from some of these companies. I can't do the whole vitamin and horsepill thing. So, basically bars and shakes is what I'm limited to.

    Sure, cut calories, do this or that for weightloss, key thing is I'm hungry as crap towards the late afternoon and in middle of night.
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    I was a Shaklee dealer back around 1980 ... I became a dealer for the sole purpose of being able to buy the products for personal use at a discount. The buy-in fee was pretty modest, about $25 back then, but it saved me a bundle.

    Because it is an MLM type organization, there was a lot of pressure to develop my down-line. I wasn't interested in that, but I had to listen to the speech every time I went to pick up refills of vitamins, supplements, and cleaning supplies.

    They make excellent products. I highly recommend them ... just be aware that dealing with an MLM company comes with a catch.
  7. As far as their products, you are much better off getting different meal replacement bars and shakes from online companies or brick and mortar stores. Shaklee and especially Herbalife jacks the prices of their stuff up so much.

    I work in the vitamin industry, and I can tell you from experience, and seeing all the P and L reports of these products, you can get better and less inexpensive products elsewhere.

  8. I wouldn't touch these or similar problems with a sterilized ten foot pole.
  9. rip off pyramids schemes both of them. Avoid at all costs.
  10. Wal-Mart
  11. I have been coming across a lot of stuff about vitamin supplements in general that cautions against their use. Some of it is in regards to harmful dosages, some in regards to the fact that there is little gain from them which means money is being thrown away. One should do some research before starting a vitamin regimen.

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