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  1. I've noticed a few Ebay sellers in the past stating that they will not sell to bidders from Italy because of "problems in the past". Anybody seen similar messages, and wonder why? Are their customs laws specific to Italy that I'm not aware of?
  2. For some reason Italy is like the Bermuda triangle for lost packages. There are other countries that also fall into this category. I have sent things to Italy a few times, standard Air Mail gives problems as well as "Surface". When I send them via EMS it goes through without a problem.
  3. What I've read is that mail sent for Italy - other than tracked and signed-for items - gets pilfered. I get the impression its lack of security rather than too much customs.

    I can't say if this is true or not, as I've never put it to the test.
  4. In addition to having a reputation as a good place for a package to get 'lost', Italy also has very stringent and sometimes bizarre customs regulations.

    [FONT=verdana, geneva, helvetica]Albums of any kind (of photographs, postcards, postage stamps, etc.).
    Artificial flowers and fruits and accessories for them.
    Bells and other musical instruments and parts thereof.
    Clocks and supplies for clocks.
    Ether and chloroform.
    Footwear of any kind.
    Haberdashery and sewn articles of any kind, including trimmings and lace; handkerchiefs; scarves; shawls, needlework including stockings and gloves; bonnets, caps, and hats of any kind.
    Hair and articles made of hair.
    Leather goods.
    Live bees, leeches, and silkworms. Parasites and predators of harmful insects.
    Nutmeg, vanilla; sea salt, rock salt; saffron.
    Perfumery goods of all kinds (except soap).
    Playing cards of any kind.
    Postage stamps in sealed or unsealed letters.
    Ribbons for typewriters.
    Saccharine and all products containing saccharine.
    Salted, smoked or otherwise prepared meats; fats; and lard.
    Toys not made wholly of wood.

    This list includes items made in Italy. They don't want them back.
  5. bakerbarber

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    I've seen many eBay sellers say this.

    Not just on shaving items.

    I've had several buyers in Italy ask for shipping quotes. 75% of them never bid when I tell them the international, insured, shipping rate. I'm not getting stuck with bad feedback, a lost item, and having to return the purchase price.

    That's a shame for people living in Italy.

    I've shipped to many European countries. Tracking numbers never work. I guess I misunderstand the international postage systems.

    I have enough trouble getting things out of town. I've watched CONUS tracking numbers NEVER update until they say 'OUT FOR DELIVERY' and I don't know if it's incompetence at my local Post Office or the entire system.

    I prefer flat rate boxes. I hate buying a vintage razor and getting it in a bubble mailer.

    I have Italy blocked in my seller options. Just because I've seen it mentioned as an issue by too many eBayers.
  6. Even if the package does make it through customs it takes so long that the buyer marks you down on shipping time. Not worth it...
  7. i was very surprised to get DEs and straights and EVEN a THURI hone (from IRELAND) in nothing more than just a padded envelope considering the potential for breakage.
  8. nemo

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    I've lost a package I sent to Italy, an expensive 356 Porsche part, so now I'm one of those sellers excluding Italian buyers. They lose too much stuff there. One package I was rather concerned with did make it, an old fountain pen, which I packed in a largish box that wouldn't exactly fit into someone's pocket.
  9. Grazi. Lots of useful feedback there. I'm selling a few Rockets at the moment and I've had two seperate queries from Italy based bidders asking for postage prices. I've been lucky enough to never have had my items get lost in the post. Do I have to refund if they do? I always assumed that once I'd posted, I'd done my bit and were not liable for losses.
  10. As the seller and sender, you are the one with the contract with the postal service. Only you could claim off them if it went pear-shaped and a package disappeared in transit.

    Basically the seller is responsible until it arrives with the purchaser.
  11. I too have had things disappear when sent to Italy.

    Fine if the buyer wants to pay for the insurance...otherwise not worth the risk and headache.
  12. alex2363

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    i bought a razor from italy, it was not as described and the return and credit was great
  13. bakerbarber

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    Is it just Italians in Europe or is it all Italians I need to block?

    What if the buyer lives in Italy, but is a different nationality? How do I know if I sell something in the US that it won't get in the hands of some Italian?

    I'm kidding, but the thread title is worded a little weird. My mother's family is Italian. Grandma came over on the boat.

    We don't want to give the impression that we're discriminating against Italians. It's issues with shipping items to the country of Italy. :thumbsup:
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    We need to change this thread title. Every time I see it I have to laugh. What the OP means and how it reads are just not the same.:lol:
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    Typical Italians.

  16. alex2363

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    oh..i'm 1/3 italian and raised in italian section of south philly, i now live in predominant italian area in south i feel ya too:001_smile
  17. Simple question.

    I buy /trade a lot of expensive items from international guys last 10 years (watch, watch parts, razor, brush and other collection items ).

    Sometimes i'm the buyer and other the seller, and i have had many BAD experience.

    Today We use only 1st class courier ( HDL - FEDEX - UPS).

    Unregistred spedition is always a risk, Italian or not.

  18. captp

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    I assumed from the title that OP meant selling to buyers in Italy.
  19. I wouldn't sell anything to Snooki:lol:.
  20. How does one go about becoming 1/3 Italian?

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