Semogue SOC Boar - Pics and First Impressions

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by cvac, May 1, 2012.

  1. $Photo1.jpg

    1) New brush, pre-bloom.


    2) Test lather with E-Shave Avocado & Linden shaving soap.


    3) Post-bloom density check.


    4) Bloomed brush.


    5) Lined up with my other Semogues

    L to R:

    SOC Boar, 2030B, 1250, 2015 and SOC Badger.
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  2. StuMcB

    StuMcB Contributor

    Good looking boar there and great family line up.Thanks for sharing.
  3. Looks like an awesome brush. I cant wait till mine gets here so I can finally try it out.
  4. Nice pictures, so what were your first impressions?
  5. RazoRock

    RazoRock Vendor

    For those looking for a good size boar, it's one of the best.
  6. I'll post them after I've had a chance to actually use the brush. If it's at least as good as my other Semogue boars I'll be happy.
  7. I think you have the last two switched around.
  8. I have one and have been enjoying it, it is really dense with tons of backbone and soft tips too.
  9. Yep, had the brushes switched around so just fixed it.
  10. Very nice ! It is on my list even though I have a 2011 LE2. Love the look of that cherry.
  11. IMO, the SOC is the best boar brush around. And the cherry wood finish looks superb.
  12. I completely agree!
  13. Mine is getting heavy use since it was recently bought. Very nice. Not sure yet if I like it more than my 2010 custom semogue, but pretty close for sure. An amazing brush!
  14. +1 i have the 2011 Bristle LE 2 and the SOC cherry boar and they are very similar to my feel and experience.

    both great brushes.

    for anyone interested, here are my specs on the SOC (mine at least) when using a digital caliper

    overall height: 115.84
    knot diameter: 25.82
    handle height: 60.16
    knot loft: 55.68 (deducting overall from handle)
  15. Den


    I've contemplated getting the SOC boar in the past, but it's just way too big for my taste. Looking at the 5th pic cvac posted, it's a monster compared to the others. I have a 1250 and find that loft at 55mm considerably too long and splays more than I'd like it to.

    I sure wish Semogue allowed you to set custom lofts...a la Vie-Long style. I'd jump on the SOC in a heartbeat!
  16. My 1250 isn't that old...I don't have major splay issues with it. Semogue does offer a couple models with a 50mm loft. TBH, I think that a super short boar brush wouldn't be something up my alley. Boar is firmer than badger anyway and doesn't bloom a ton.
  17. Den


    Yup got myself a 1460 & 1470 which have the 50mm loft. Like those alot, but was thinking of getting a 620 since it's supposed to be firmer. My 1460 & 1470 are well broken in and I find they splay a touch too much.

    Love the look of the SOC in cherry. Both badger and boar. Simply beautiful looking brushes.
  18. Sweet looking collection!
  19. It's one of my favourites! Fantastic brush.

  20. Could you comment on the splay issues with the 1205? Mine does in fact feel a bit floppy compared to my SOC.

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