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  1. I stopped in an antique shop in Northern Vermont while I was traveling for business. They had a few razors that the owner said they had sitting around for a VERY long time. She offered me a good deal to take everything (at least it seemed good to me). So here are two of them, appropriately placed in the Double Edged section.

    I don't know what kind of Gillette this is. In the back of the head it says Gillette with an arrow through the word and all contained in a diamond. There's no rust and just needs a good cleaning. Can anyone tell me anything about this razor, including if it's worth trying to use?

    The other says Segal under the head. I researched it a little and am I correct in thinking that there are no longer blades for it? If so, it's just a collector piece (If even that)? It would be a pity because it's in fantastic shape.

    Thanks for your help guys!

    $photo 1.jpg $photo 2.jpg $photo 3.jpg
  2. The Gillette is a Flare Tip Super Speed.

    I know nothing about Segal razors so can't answer your question about it I'm afraid.
  3. Awesome! One out of two isn't bad, and now I know what to look for. Thank you. :thumbup1:
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    Segal dont take regular blades, they have their own special brand.[​IMG]
  5. You can snip out a regular DE blade to fit the segal razor. I've done it and have to say I enjoyed the razor. If blades were available for Segal's I be willing to bet they'd be pulling in fatboy prices. Such a solid design!
  6. Anyone know how rare the segals are? Are the blades a standard size or a special dimension instead? If they're the same size as a DE blade, it would take a small amount of work, but it would be quite easy to make a tool that punched out the center of normal DE blades to make them usable in Segal razors.

    Oh and regarding usability, the superspeed is a very nice razor to shave with, very mild. I had a 49 SS which I PIFed to a friend that hates shaving; not because I didn't like it, but because I have a 62 Slim that is for all intents and purposes the exact same razor when set to 3 and yet goes all the way from 1 to 9.
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  7. I've been thinking of some way to do just that. As far as the blades go the only difference is the hole in the blade. It has to be able to slip over the head and fit on the razor bed. I have thought about contacting a machine shop to see if they could make me a punch and die.
  8. Same sized blade overall. I bought a lot of NOS Segal blades, and they match all of the other dimensions. Even after all of these years, the blades held a pretty good edge and I have gotten some DFS out of them. I am cherishing the last 17 I have, cause the razor is a fine looking piece, and the feel is pretty excellent.
  9. I've spent about 15 minutes on google trying to find some blades for the Segal. They're few and far between and you were right, oldspice, they are pretty pricey. I think it was around $10 after shipping for two blades and then I found four boxes of 5 for $75. I might buy the 2 blades, just to try out the razor. A punch and die would be wicked cool.
  10. As an aside I can sell you two blades but, you really only need one. I got Blade Acquisition Disorder and bought a couple of packages too many.
  11. pm'd
  12. As thin as modern blades are, one could keep one or two Segal blades around to use as a pattern to cut out Astra blades or anything that you want to use.
  13. Gillette Razor is a Flare Tip Super-Speed as from what I gather started to be made in the 1950s (about 1954) and are mild shavers.

    Segal Unimatic Razor - Closed Comb - The corporation introduced the Unimatic Segal Razor (Open Comb and Closed Comb) in late 1930, a low priced product designed to use only Segal double-edged blades. The double-edged blades also fit the Gillette Razors.

    Segal Lock and Hardware Company made buglar proof locks and that was where they made their money.

    The Safety Razor Market was a test to see if they could expand their product line and make more money.

    In June 1931 Segal entered into a contract (a Long Term Contract) with United Cigar Stores where United Cigar Stores would feature and distribute Segal razors and blades.

    Gillette sued United Cigar Stores about the contract and won. Then, in October 1931 the Segal Lock and Hardware Company sued Gillette asking $2,000,000 in a loss of blade contract.

    In the meantime, another suit between Segal and Gillette probably about the Segal Razor Blades that did fit the Gillette Razors, resulted in an agreement between Segal and Gillette. Segal agreed to discontinue the manufacture of razor blades which infringed the Gillette patent.

    However, Segal continued to manufacture its own razors and blades which fit their own razors. However they were forced to discontinue making blades which also fit razor handles made by Gillette.

    So I would assume that Segal made Razors from about 1930 to about 1933.

    I have 3 Segal Razors.

    Two are Gold Tone and One is probably Nickel.

    If you get a Segal Blade and it fits into your Razor then you can make a blank and then cut a regular safety razor blade and make it fit.

    So you can either cut the blade or use a dremel tool.

    I am looking for a Closed Comb Segal Razor so if you ever want to sell it ... Please let me know.

    I also have a Cooper Razor and it has a razor head that requires a larger opening on the center pin of the razor blade but, for that one I am going to try to use the dremel tool as cutting did not work very well.
  14. I bet Paco could make a tool for punching Segal blades out of wilkies or whatever. If NOS Segals are going for $5 each, and Personna 74s are only around a buck, there would be an interest, I am sure, in a blade for these razors that would last the best part of a month.
  15. Holy Crap! :w00t:

    I've just used the Gillette Super Speed and now I can't stop rubbing my face! I stopped using my Fusion a week ago and started using a Dovo Ebony "Silver Steel". I do ok with it if I go real slow but I never get that close of a shave (I know it'll take me longer than a week to get it down). I've never used a DE (or SE) razor before, so I cleaned this one up and gave my straight the night off.

    And damn, this is the closest shave I think I've ever had. And not even the slightest nick. I can absolutely see why you guys like them so much. I'm going to keep trying to learn how to use a straight razor but I'm going to be using this often!

    It's been a pain typing with one hand while the other rubs my face. lol :lol:
  16. It's called "faceturbating." Seriously.
  17. Rofl :thumbsup:
  18. LOL does this represent what you're doing? Achieving a smooth close shave is awesome isn't it? As for me I got to overzealous with a slant and got the shave too close. Ended up with a colony of ingrown hairs on the side of my chin thats slowly starting to heal.
  19. the SS is truly amazing as far as how effortless a shave it gives. Not aggresive enough for my taste, but yeah, excellent razor
  20. My Segal is among my favorite razors . . . I use curved manicure scissors to cut out the center of a standard DE blade and I don't even use a pattern any more! Takes less than a minute to modify a blade, and the razor shaves like a dream!

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