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  1. I own a Gem micromatic in mint condition and I want to try shaving with it. I am looking for blade recommendations. The only chain I've looked for SE blades at is CVS and all they carry is their own brand. I'm a little wary of trying house brand blades, especially if there are better choices available locally. I want to give this razor every chance to work for me and don't want to muck it up with a below average blade. TIA.

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    The CVS and other shave quality private label SE blades sold in US stores are all typically made by American Safety Razor and are essentially identical. These razor blades are also available under the GEM trademark, and these can also be found locally. All of these blades are stainless steel. My personal favorites are carbon steel blades, such as the Gem Blue Star, Treets or Pal (also made by ASR), but I'm not aware of any local vendors - like drug stores, department stores, supermarkets, that carry these. Several on-line vendors do. Lots of folks also like the PTFE coated GEM stainless blades sold for scientific uses and available from Ted Pella and Electron Microscopy Supplies.
  3. Like nEver-Ready I prefer the carbon steel blades. You should be able to find them at Rite Aid drugstores if you have them around your neck of the woods, and I have also seen them at small grocery stores. The CVS blades work very well, but I believe they are carbon steel. The ones I have do not have GEM and Stainless stamped on the spine, they have 009 RD just like the Treets. I may be wrong but I thought they were the same as Treets.

    If you have a Walgreens nearby look for the GEM stainless steel blades, or you can order them direct from online store.
  4. if i can offer one bit of advice, listen and follow what Hoosier says to a T..... he has without speaking honestly helped me in many ways in respect to SE shaving, then the advice he gave just took it to a whole new level.

    After 2 SE shaves, I have little desire to go back to DE, it just isnt quite as "interesting" for lack of a better word.

    I use treet carbon blades because within walking distance they are 4.99 for 10, no better reason.

    ENJOY FRIEND :thumbup:
  5. The only ones I have used so far is the CVS brand blades and they work great for me. I believe they are the high carbon b/c there will be a little rust on the blade where the flip up head touches the blade on my 1912. This hasn't caused any issues for me though, and I haven't noticed any rust on the edge.

    Lately, my 1912 and stick of Arko are all I've been using.
  6. Unlike the others above, I prefer the stainless steel blades. Mainly because I don't like dealing with rust. Stainless steel blades can be found at Wallgreens.

  7. Piggly wiggly brand are dorco made :thumbup1:
  8. Thanks for the help. I going to buy a pack of both carbon and SS blades locally, and might order from Patella down the road. I'm hoping I like SE shaving as much as you guys do. I have tried a Schick injector and WAS NOT impressed, but then again, I didn't try it very long.


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