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  1. There is a forum for everthing shaving here, except for mugs. Maybe the mods should look into this, since SMAD is the newest AD to appear. What do y'all think?
    Now, for the real reason of this post, who has heard of Surry mugs? I picked up 3 the other day, they have pics of old 30s & 40s automobiles on them. Pretty cool I think. I'll post some pics later, I'll also post some of my Case mug, as well as one I don't know the name of. It's nice, inlaid gold around the top. And I have my Dad's old Ironglass mug. Now why the devil do I need 6 mugs? And why do I want more???:wacko:
  2. I would agree Johnie, the mugs and bowls we use to lather just don't get enough love, a sub-forum would be nice.

    I know I spent some time looking for an OS mug, which looks great, but is not great for building a lather except with smaller brushes. In my experience, I have found that bowls that have a curved bottom work best, while flat bottoms just spread out the brush loft too much.

    I do like the look of the old milk glass surrey mugs that feature antique cars on them.
  3. I'm in. Vintage mugs. New mugs. Vintage scuttles. New scuttles. Handmade. Manufactured. Improvised mugs and bowls (i.e, I'm using my smallest SS mixing bowl for shaving).

    Yeah, there's enough discussion material for a sub forum.
  4. On the less than classic side of things, this morning I discovered that a $1.50 salsa bowl works great, at least for MWF.
  5. You most certainly don't need 6 mugs!
    You can send them to me and be done with this nonsense!! :p

    I too prefer the larger bowls to build lather in, although a mug might make the lather less likely to spill out of the top...
  6. I'd been getting along with just two since my reformation in December, both actually coffee mugs, although any time I was in an antique store, I asked to see if they had any. I'd bought my own Burma Shave mug, and received an Old Spice mug as a gift, while still relatively young. Both had comparatively short lives before being broken. I haven't found a Burma Shave mug again that I'll pay a lot for.

    I also felt as though I had enough shave brushes for now, but the past couple of days, I have four mugs and three brushes coming soon. One is a Surrey, with a Stutz Bearcat roadster on it. There's still another Tech, with a mug and brush made up into a "set" with the razor. A couple of the brushes aren't worth holding onto, I don't think.
  7. I think it's a good idea....I seen tons of threads on Mugs, scuttles....and many guys are very passionate about there latest, greatest addition. Once I found Robert's Scuttles I was ...."ohhhh......ahhhhh" and blown away by his prices....great deals.
  8. Mug Addiction Disorder.......your MAD Johnnie...and sorry...not all the therapy in the world will help...only cure?....Give into the addiction...
  9. I think that sounds a lot better than SAD....Scuttle Acquisition Disorder.

    "diesel....why you so SAD"?
  10. We should succumb to SAD and MAD. A SAD and MAD thread would be nice.
  11. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I just founda great mug soap,... no its not modern williams, nw i need a mug for it and havent a clue where to begin looking for something cool or what i could get other then an old oldspice mug, if only there was a forum for it lol,.... im down, and cant wait to see those mugs awaiting pictures
  12. I've just been mugged! Again. Ordered one of Robert's neat ceramic brush and razor holder. Great multi-purpose piece...and, yes, great price.
  13. Can't believe I'm going to say this. Search on the bay for shaving mugs. There are prices from $10 up , believe it or not, $1200.00. Some really nice mugs, some plain, some in between. A lot of people use a coffee mug.
  14. Legion

    Legion Moderator Emeritus

    I got this vintage one the other day which I think looks quite neat. I face lather, but it is a good size to soak the brush. I mainly bought it because I wanted the 40/50's Palmolive stick it was listed with.

  15. Only the Surrey is different from the Old Spice Mugs and Barbershop mugs you have already seen. It's no longer easy to grab photos out of eBay listings, or I'd do that.

    $Surrey with Stutz.jpg

    That's what the one looks like

    $Barbershop Mug.jpg

    You've seen these before.

    Meanwhile, I have a cute, new little camera that wants a newer computer (it wants Windows 7) operating system. I'm going to see about using some Cannon software from an older camera of theirs.
  16. THe Old Spice mugs are still a bargain and work great. I got a perfect old one for $12.
  17. I found a 1950's Burma Shave mug the other day in mint condition. I have no idea why I bought it, I dont need it but yet I felt compelled to buy it. It will probably wind up on BST. Curse you impulse buys!
  18. it's been asked before: SCUTTLE/MUG and i don't think we'll get one.

    nothing wrong with starting an "official shave mug thread" and have it for MUGS and NOT scuttles, as there are already a few lengthy threads for scuttles.
  19. We could just call it " Shaving Soap Holder Acquisition Disorder". SSHAD has a nice ring to it...sounds like an organization that Maxwell Smart dealt with.

    A separate forum? I'm not so sure. Balkanization of the forums can hurt the melting pot of ideas that I enjoy here. I know some posters "hang out" in sub-forums, and unless I'm diligent enough to check everything I miss some good thoughts and ideas.

    There's lots of mug and scuttle love shown in the General and Soap forums. If somebody scores a nice Surrey or Seaforth mug, and posts about it on existing forums, it might light a spark in a casual reader.

    I'm a serial mug buyer myself, and even have a scuttle or three. I'm not anti mug, or against scuttles, but generally mug scuttlebutt and mugging around with scuttles is fine in the existing forums.
  20. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    For most of my soaps that dont hang around long i use tea cups because they are shallow and wide brush doesnt knock off the side, but i like this new soap so i want to find a cool vintage mug to keep it on shelf in,.. ill be looking through the bay for sure its just neat when you see other peoples and the designs that are out there

    Oh curse you all :lol: i just looked at the bay and they have a tonne of cool listings that would look great in the bathroom (shakes fist)
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