Scuttle - Dirty Bird or Schwarzweisskeramik

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  1. Looking at a couple of scuttles. have seen plently of good reviews for the DB but what about the Schwarzweisskeramik XL
    **added anoter photo of the smaller Schwarzweisskeramik size L. Dimensions (approx.): Height 10 cm (3.9 in.), diameter 15 cm (5.9 in.).
    Schwarzweisskeramik XL [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Dimensions (without handle, approx.): Height 10 cm (3.9 in.), diameter 15 cm (5.9 in.).
    DB 1.5 is Outside 6" wide x 3.75" high Bowl opening 4.5" wide x 2" deep

    base your selection on how well it works and looks. which would you pick?
    I don't mind paying the extra for the Schwarzweisskeramik so price is no issue (as long as it is good).
    $Dirt Bird.jpg $schwarweissker.jpg
    $scuttle #2.jpg
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  2. I never had the opportunity to try a dirty bird but I was very pleased with my Schwarzweisskeramik XL, it's big but keeps the lather warm for a long time. Best used with brushes with a longer loft although it works with smaller brushes also. I don't use mine anymore because the last months I've done nothing but face lathering. I'm sure the Dirty bird is equally good (I read a lot of reviews before I bought the XL but shipping was to expensive for the DB) and it all comes down to what appeals most to you.
  3. The way i see it is that if you really want to know you must get both!! Whichever you dont like, sell on BST.
  4. Definitely Schwarzweisskeramik.
  5. I have a DB 1.5 and couldn't be happy. It keeps the lather warm for at least 4 passes, not that I need 4 passes. Very well made, top quality, and Julie is a pleasure to deal with. Always available and happy to help in anyway. But, I have read nothing but good reviews on both scuttles. I don't think you could go wrong with either of them.
  6. My vote is for the Dirty Bird. I have the 1.5 and I find it to be the best of the several I've owned. Its fit into my den is perfect.

    I've never seen the Schwarzweisskeramik before, so I can't comment on how it is, but to me the size and shape would not seem to compliment my shave den area.
  7. I've been extremely happy with my Schwarzweisskeramik scuttle. It keeps the lather and brush warm for longer than I shave.

  8. one to the right is much fancier and bigger holes..but in the end they serve the same function
  9. I vote DB!
  10. what size do you have Wayne. I am starting to lean towards the L size
  11. What about a Sara Bonnyman scuttle and/or lathering bowl?
  12. great idea and I would love to do that but the shipping to and from NZ would kill it.
  13. I've had both and sold my DB. I have the XL Schwarzweisskeramik and I will never be without one in my den. I love the size, it keeps lather warm, and the lather doesn't overflow. I also like the extra-large spout for soaking and then dipping the brush in.
  14. Mantic 59 has an idea that works great. Simply put your lather bowl in the hot water in the sink as you shave. Fill the shave sink up by running the hot water in the bowl then remove the bowl to lather. Keeps the lather and brush toasty warm and there is usually enough room to keep your face wet between passes, immerse the razor and have the bowl in there as well. My bowl actually floats in the water.
  15. Thanks Catalin nice to here from someone who has tried both. the spout does sound like a very useful feature.
    first saw it in Chimensch's Shaving Video and love the look of it.
  16. Just looking at the pics I would go with the DB.

    I have a large Bonnyman and it's just a bit too small. I should have gotten her extra large or Texas size. I did pick up a custome from a member here that was made somewhere in a little pottery coop up in central Canada and it's perfect, about 1 1/2 the size of the Bonnyman wand sides flare a bit. It holds enough water to keep lather warm for quite a while and whippls up a good bowlful of lather quickly and easily.
  17. Thanks Gents for your help it has helped me clear my head. better than a coin toss.
    I have made an enquiry re shipping of the XL Schwarzweisskeramik. Ansgar replied just now at 20 Euro to NZ. hey I have paid more for something that weights 1/10th of the weight. Very quick reply did not expect a answer for 7:00am Sunday Germany time.
    money has changed hands the deal is done just one little problem......I have not told SWMBO yet....... she'll be right:a46:..........I just won't tell her how much it cost........
  18. Just a quick run to the florist and you'll be safe.
  19. I got my Becker scuttle made and shipped to NZ for $65 nzd all up, it was of the XL size (just incase the shipping for the other scuttle is a killer.)
  20. all good happy with the price of scuttle and shipping. went with my what I wanted and put the purchase/shipping price aside. just expected a 1.274kg scuttle to cost more to ship. This is the same rate he charges from Germany to the USA.
    I think this one is a bit bigger than the becker. the price when was not cheap but I am worth it LOL. was 89 Euro (NZD $145) including shipping
    Check this reveiw it shows the size better, he does talk a lot but does a good review

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