Schwarzweisskeramik XL scuttle-awesome!

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Blix, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Got this beauty in yesterday. Yes it's quite large, but oh so awesome in use!

    By blix72 at 2011-07-10

    I love the "soap lid" it comes with, I filled mine with Cella from a kilo brick.

    By blix72 at 2011-07-10

    Here with a Merkur 37c for scale:

    By blix72 at 2011-07-10

    It seems to retain heat heat for a loooong time. The large handle makes it very easy to hold while generating lather, even if it's fairly heavy when filled.

    The only downside is discovering some soaps don't like heat at all, Cella is completely useless when heated, but warm lather is far from desirable now anyway, so I'll have no problem using Cella with colder water. :001_smile

    Thums up for this scuttle from me!
  2. Nice scuttle thanks for sharing:thumbup1:
  3. that's a beauty. warm lather is very very nice....
  4. Wid


    Love it.
  5. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    Congrats on the great score!

    I've always loved the look of SWK scuttles. If money were no object, that's the way I'd go.

    How much soap does that cap hold? Are there any ridges on the inside of the cap to keep the soap from spinning?
  6. Thank you. I can't even use hot tap water with Cella, no more than room temperature, but I'm fine with that for now, it's summer.

    dpm802 , I don't know much soap it holds, I just cut off a suitable piece off the kilo brick, but I would guess somewhere around 70-100g maybe.
    Cella doesn't spin in it, but if you want to press some hard soap in there you just wet the soap and it will dry in place and not spin. No ridges in the soap lid.

    AABCDS Contributor

    That's a nice scuttle. It's the first scuttle I've seen on the forums in an all black color which is my favorite.
  8. Sweet looking scuttle.
  9. Very nice. Great color.

  10. That's awesome.
  11. Scuttlicious.
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  12. That's a beauty, maybe one day if i hang out here enough i might invest in something along those lines.
  13. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Very nice...shipping to Hawaii was murder so I had to hold off on that for now..I ended up with a Becker. I don't think I have that problem with the hot water and Cella, although now that you mention it I need to check it out for sure...
  14. Very handsome, nicely done!
  15. The lather becomes full of air, lots and lots of tiny bubbles, then when I apply the lather on my face I can literally see it fall apart.
    Using cold water it gets it more normal whipped cream consistency. Try it and see if you see the same.
  16. That thing is beautiful, I have been tempted many a time to get one of these but never got round to actually buying one. Would you say that it really makes a difference to the quality of the shaving experience or is it just a fun thing to have?

  17. I have only used it for one shave yet, with some lather troubles so it's a bit early to tell really.
    It's a luxury item for sure and by no means necessary, but it is very nice in use, the lather bowl is just the right size, very comfortable handle. I will really appreciate it when winter hits again, warm lather isn't as desirable now in summer :001_smile
  18. Hi blix, I have had mine for awhile and use it only in the winter months, use it and enjoy. It certainly is a quality piece and i imagine it will be the last i will ever need. Glad i bought the XL size.

  19. I am going to buy one of those some day...just shipping and what not to USA is expensive...but, I'll still get one someday. Maybe sooner rather than later (if I can sell this brush I have to sell).

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