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  1. Has anyone tried a feather art or pro blade in a schick injector- would it work?
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    It would be really cool if it would. I don't know how different the blade specs are. I am thinking about a Cobra Classic.
  3. I am not sure if i have read good things about the Cobra. Does any out there have a schick injector and any of the feather artist or pro blades and tried to put one in?
  4. No they will not work.

    you "might" be able to cut down a disposable straight blade but it probably would not align up in the injector.

    Disposable straight razor blades are longer than injector blades
  5. Thank you. You saved me some money.

    Would you happen to know if feather ever made an injector blade. I know the injector was much bigger in Japan then in the USA so maybe?
  6. I wrecked an injector ( A $24.00 mistake) in order to get a Feather blade into it. Once the blade was in I gave it a one stroke shot but immediately stopped due to the blade being too out of whack and unstable to safely shave.
  7. Only option for injector blades that I know of are:

    New Schick blades
    New Personna (ASR) blades

    NOS blades: Schick, PAL, Personna, various others too

    the older carbon blades work well but you have to shave with them every day until you use them up otherwise they oxidize and get funky when they sit so stick with the stainless blades unless you plan on spending a couple weeks in a row with your injector razor to burn out a carbon blade
  8. Good thing i asked. Thank you
  9. Whats tha PAL hollow grownd like?
  10. I have a pack of NOS PAL blades but have been using the PTFE coated and Personna 74 tungsten blades so have not gotten around to trying one out yet

    I am sure there are others who can help you out with how those blades shave
  11. How good are the 74s?
  12. I wish I had a lot more I bought a pack and would use them exclusively if available :biggrin1:
  13. Just got back from the feather japan sit and read some spics for the Art blades. They are all different thicknesses does anyone know the thickness of an injector blade?
  14. I use an injector one a week sometimes more, and almost daily when on the go....
    with an injector like schick personna pal or even the twinjector by Gillette , today's best choice is 1st vintage Schick (NOT the current Chinese made ones thay are POOR) and in 2nd postion the blades available from Ted Pella less than $5 for a 20 blades dispensers (very cheap from within USA)....

    Feather and other modern brands are proprietary, they will fit only their razor, and in my opinion (I tested..) the cobra does not worth the price you pay for (I have many injectors , some are in my showcase here (along with a lot of other vintage shaving goods) (secured link)

  15. I cut down a feather blade with some heavy duty serrated scissors to the same length as a schick injector blade, carefully slid it back into a schick injector case by depressing the blades already in the case, inserted the key into my injector and slid the shortened feather in without a hitch.

    Will be shaving with it today, so will report back. It's important that the blade is inserted with the key, otherwise the blade is ruined/blunted by the blade keepers on the razor. (although I'm unsure of the mechanism inside the injector case, so it might have been ruined inserting it back into that, but today's shave will reveal all)
  16. So I shaved with a Schick injector (L model) and a modified feather blade, it certainly worked ok, I could tell it was a much sharper blade than the usual Chinese Schick's I use and it was just as easy and irritation free as usual. I don't think the shave was so much better that I would consider doing this all the time, but for a one off experiment it was fun.
  17. I was able to cut a feather pro blade and put it on my hydromagic. The holes have to be aligned just like with a normal blade. The idea sounds brilliant but i was rather underwhelmed. I think the pro blades are thicker at the base so it effects the overall angle of the blade.
    Inserting the blade was not as smooth as with regular blade. Frankly, I got a better shave with a Personna blade.

    Considering the hassle of cutting the blade, getting it into the dispenser and all that fiddling with very very sharp edges, i I honestly say thay it was not worth the trouble.

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