Schick Hydro 3 or Schick Hydro 5?

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  1. I have sensitive/acne prone/razor burn prone skin. Which of those razors should I get? Or should I get the Gillette Proglide?
  2. I did quite extensive testing with the Schick Hydro 3. I found it to be a quite nice cartridge razor, that gave me very smooth shaves.

    If you have sensitive skin that is prone to acne, and razor burn, you are much better off with fewer blades, as this will mean less irritation.

    There is ZERO benefit in having any blades above two (some would argue above ONE). You are simply paying extra money, and receiving no additional benefit, and in fact very likely will get more irritation from the extra blades.

    While the Hydro 3 is a good razor, you can get results that are just as good with a Gillette Trac II, Gillette Atra, or Gillette Sensor (the two bladed cartridge razors).

    If you find irritation, and razor burn to be a serious problem, you are probably best served with a single blade option such as a Double Edge razor, or a Schick Injector.
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  3. I hear the problem stems from inadequate face prep, but my face is like shoe leather so I don't know for sure.
  4. Alright so the Schick Hydro 3 is better than the Schick Hydro 5 in my case/situation?
  5. I agree with John...I use the Hydro 3 when I'm in need of a quick shave...its a very good cartridge razor...I tried the Proglide and thought it was a piece of junk, it gave me the worst razor burn I've had since making a de razor my go to razor.
  6. check out the Schrick Lady's Slim Twins..
  7. Well to be honest, the Hydro 3 is better than the Hydro 5 in EVERY SITUATION as 5 blades is serious overkill. :laugh::laugh:
  8. Alright thanks for the info
  9. I tried both and didn't like them at all.
    But for WTG pass the Hydro 3 performs better while the Hydro 5 performs better on ATG passes.
    They leave too much goo behind,, you almost dont need shaving cream.
  10. Give the bic metal single blade a try. only a blade and a metal safety bar.

    i found it nice and smooth without all the extras (fins, springs, slick material) of the multiblade cartridges that I didn't want.

    i used during the end of August for multipass shaves and although I wasn't going for BBS, only DFS, my skin wasn't irritated.
  11. Agree with this, although I prefer the Bic Sensitive to the Bic Metal. Under no circumstances should you use the Schick two-blade disposables; they're TERRIBLE.

    If you want to use a good cartridge razor, my suggestions would be:

    Trac II, Atra, or Sensor Excel.

    If you must choose between the Hydro 3 and the Hydro 5, I'm with Michiganlover: definitely go for the 3.
  12. If you are interested in a 3 blade system...go with Gillette's Mach 3.

    For 2 blades...Gillette has the Trac II, Atra, and Sensor.

    IMHO, I will never give Schick 1 cent of my money.
  13. First off, the sensor twin is the best cartridge I use to date. I LOVE it.

    The hydro 3 is great because the head is smaller. The hydro 5 is better because you can push back the "hydro bar" thing. I personally like the fact that I can remove that, but at the cost of 5 more blades. So the 3 wins my face, but but a tid cause it still has that hydro bar thing. It's nice cause the head is so much easier to maneuver over the face while the 5 is only easier around the sideburns.
  14. same
  15. I really like the Schick Hydro 3. I'd use it every day if the cartridges weren't so expensive. I can get a BBS shave in 3 passes... WTG, ATG and XTG.... using the Hydro 3 and Mama Bear's soap.

    I have some Hydro 5 cartridges, but haven't tried them yet. But to my mind 5 isn't neccessary.
  16. If it has to be a cart, then the twin Excel/Sensor or older Contour (Atra) are the best Gillette did in carts IMO.

    It all went downhill after those.
  17. Last night, I was too tired to go through the wet-shave process, but clearly needed it. I used a Hydro 5 with the Schick gel i got in the intro kit. I did 3 passes with a really light touch, and used the slick goo in a way that method shaving talks to "stretching the mix". I guess i don't find the slick stuff annoying... I got a really nice BBS shave all around with no irritation. Every which way no irritation BBS, which I have a very hard time getting when using my DEs, especially in my neck. The whole process definitely didn't feel as satisfying as using a DE or straight though...

    I really like the 5's ability to get under my nostrils and get those tight spaces... you could probably shave without the slick by keeping it back the whole time or just break it off..

    I think shaving with the DE helped my cartridge shave a ton and I did notice that I really like the way the BIC metal emulates the DE versus the floating head of the Hydros...
  18. I picked up a Hydro 5 a while back and then picked up a pack of Hydro 3 carts when they were on sale. I use it when I am in a hurry or my face needs a break. I have used one 5 and then one 3 cart, both for 10 shaves each. These are by far the best carts I have used for my face. The 3 is good, and the 5 is impressive in that it leaves me with no irritation whatsoever. I'm not sure why it's smoother for me than the 3, but it is. The stringy goop from the strip doesn't bother me, but at least on the 5, it looks like it would be easy enough to just pop the strip off if it really bothers you. Being able to move it out of the way is a nice feature. It's not quite as close as the DE for me, but good enough when I don't have the time to do it right...
  19. Here's a YMMV thing. I like the Hydro 5 better. My brother does, too.

    After reading comments about Hydro 5 vs. 3, I thought the 3 must be the bees knees and a much better cart than the 5. Well, it is good and I do like both Hydros a lot.

    For me, however, the 5 just seemed smoother, more efficient, and gave even less irritation than the 3, which is very low to begin with. My brother came to the same conclusion and is cherishing his final shaves with the two Hydro 5 carts that came with the razor (he also stocked up on several packs of 3's, but prefers using the 5).

    So I think it's a YMMV thing. You should try both. Both carts are good performers and you'll figure out what works best for you.
  20. I used the Hydro 5 last nite again without the slick reservoir attached. just the 5 blades. It was pretty nice and I got a worthy shave. I got pretty close to BBS after just 2 passes and didn't go for any touchup. I used Zirh aloe vera shave cream applied by hand. I don't think this stuff lathers with a brush...

    I can say that i don't really enjoy the weight of this razor. I know it's a piece of plastic, but if there was away to give it just a some more heft, it might be more a better feel. I am barely holding this at the lower neck of the handle.

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