Scent: Puck vs. Lather

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  1. I'm finding that while a puck of soap might have a fantastic scent, the scent is much less noticeable when it is lathered on my face. Is that always the case?

    Are there soaps that have a good, strong scent on your face, and maybe even lingers after the soap is washed off?

  2. I have noticed the same thing. Trumper's Rose and Williams comes to mind. Smells great as a puck, but once lathered, the scent rapidly fades away. I think the puck would have to smell very concentrated in order for the lather to smell strong.
  3. Do you know if creams do better in this regard?
  4. Ben --

    This is as intended, and soap fragrances are not intended to be persistent. The light fragrance is there in the lather so you can 'smell something', not 'smell like something'.


    -- John Gehman
  5. Well explained. I assume the same is true of creams?
  6. Try Tabac...there is some scent!!!!
  7. Tabac is one, HBS soap seems to last on my skin, most QED soaps do as well. Everyone is different, YRMV.
  8. Could it also be possible that nose fatigue is a factor?
  9. Took the words right outta my mouth.... TABAC!!!
  10. Tabac and any of the QED soaps will last. Most others that I have tried are just their for the shave and usually weaker when lathered. I actually prefer this, so I can use whatever aftershave or cologne and not worry about the mixed smells.
  11. I cannot say as I don't have enough experience, however I do know that solids tend to hold their scent less than something liquid. I don't exactly know how scientifically speaking I'll have to look into it. But any liquid would hold a stronger scent than a solid in what I have experienced. That goes for soaps vs creams as well. However, I believe soaps outlast creams of 1:1 ratio. I could be wrong. If anyone knows better, please enlighten us.
  12. Not to hijack a thread, but you can tell this chap has had experience with a dirty diaper.
  13. i have a couple of different soaps and they do tend to lose their scent during lather. i've found that the cream i have (truefitt & hill 1805) tends to have a fairly strong scent during the lathering process.

    i've read that the mama bears soaps tend to have a longer lasting scent.
  14. Some of QED's scents tend to last for awhile post-shave, at least on my skin. Specifically, Sandalwood, Lavender, Bay Rum, B&B & Wild Rose come to mind. The Fresh Lime, while it smells amazing during the shave, doesn't seem to last after the lather is rinsed off.

    I also have a puck of Honeybee Sue's Floral Euphoria soap. That stuff definitely sticks around. In a good way. :biggrin:

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