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  1. hey guys

    I got a scar on my cheek from straight shaving as a very sick, tired, groggy and too lazy to stretch the skin kinda mood. This happened about 6 months ago. It was very deep. It is now a scar and I rub pure Vitamin E oil on it every single night and it is not fading.

    people say I look like I got in a big scrap. It does sort of compliment my rugged good looks :biggrin1:, but lets face it I want it gone!!

    any suggestions?
  2. Is it a depressed scar? If so...not much you can do. Otherwise you can have it worn down using several different treatments all varying in price.
  3. I don't know about removal other than time but I bet you won't do it again. Your going to have to exfoliate your dermis gently over time for your skin to achieve the even tone. Side note, I did it also and time is what faded it away. Using the straight in the area helps.
  4. 5 years-real men love scars
  5. vitamin E oil or cream will help. Also Shea butter
  6. Father time will work on the scar.

    Big you still use that straight?
  7. thanks for the speedy replies guys. I kind of like the scar, but at the same time when I wear clothes like a suit, I end up looking like a hitman instead of a sharp fella.

    And yes tinashubby I still use the straight!
  8. pictures
  9. Here is an idea. For the times you need to get dressed up just use some coverup. You can find just the tone to match your skin and rub it on. It covers the scar and blends it in to not even be noticed. The ladies use this stuff to cover up acne.
  10. ARR CAP , yarr supposed to like scars
  11. Depending on the scar 6 months isn't that long.

    I'd guess its still got a slight red/pink tinge? It can take a while for a scar to blanch completely.
  12. Merderma advanced scar gel works for me. I prefer it to the regular which required application 4 times a day vs once a day with the advanced.
  13. mdunn

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    vE cream. Stick to it. Massage it in
  14. What is vE cream? Is this something I can find in the US? I know you're from Aussie land but C'mon, I expect you to know these things :lol:
  15. Bio oil massaged into the scar.

    Also, add at least 1000 mg of Ester-C to your daily regimen. It's easier on your stomach than regular Vitamin C. Still take it with food. Take for at least 6 months.

    BTW, my wife was in a severe head on car crash 4 + years ago. Among several injuries, her right ankle was shattered. Surgery left a nasty scar. Sx months of the above (Bio oil massaged on the scar and an oral supplement of Ester -C) and the scar is barely noticeable.
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  16. Contractubex[sup]®[/sup] gel.

    Three key ingredients: onion extract, heparin (anticoagulant), and allantoin (anti-irritant).

    It worked for me. Well, it helped, I still have a scar.

    If the scar is formed much lower than the skin there is not much that you can do.
  17. Thanks guys. I will give some of this a try.

    I will not be using cover up. Like I said I don't mind the scar, its just bothering me that it hasn't healed yet...almost like my body's healing ability is weakened or something. Well thats how I was thinking of it anyways.
  18. There is an over the counter cream called Mederma that is specifically for fading scars. It was recommended to me by a Dermatologist and it worked well for me.
  19. There are quite a few shaving soaps that have shea butter in them, Institut Karite is one, I believe Provence Sante contains shea butter too.

    I use IK almost every day and my Wife says my face has gotten very smooth over the last couple years.:ladysman:

  20. See.

    Mederma is about 50$ over here. And the stuff I have heard about it for the most part is that it does not do squat.

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