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  1. I hear talk of razor weights in grams. I don't know why, but I'd like to get a scale so I can weigh razors too. Can anyone recommend what brand or type to look for?

  2. You could use any ordinary home digital cooking scale if it had a resolution to < 1 gram (most digital scales can convert between oz and grams) else if you wanted to get more refined you could get something like a reloading scale which will go to grains 1 gram = approx 15.4 grains provided the razors you want to weigh are less than the max on that sale, similarly you could go for an old fashioned balance beam scale provided you could go to increments less than a gram. I'd say start with a household digital scale and go from there
  3. So far, all the kitchen scales I've seen have a resolution of 1 gram. I guess I was thinking I'd like something with a .1 gram resolution, though maybe that's overkill...
  4. Just go to your local head shop they have all sorts of little scales that are perfect for weighing razors I have the Infyniti BM500, cost me $50 and I use it for razors and knives and mixing small batches of West Systems epoxy.
  5. Check out E-Bay, there are thousands available and most give all the specs.

    Just purchased one today for reloading that measures in grains. for approx $11.00 shipping encl.
  6. There's also your local head-shop if you don't want to wait on the bay. I bought one this summer. At 51, it felt a lot different, yet familiar, to be in one of those establishments at this stage of life! ;)
  7. Off topic, but I hear that West Systems stuff is the beez kneez. The guy I work for can't stop singing their praise.

    I just ordered a My Weigh 440-Z off Amazon. Hope it works out.
    Thanks for all the input, guys!

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