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  1. Good evening everyone. My name's Jeff and I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been shaving with a DE for almost 22 years (when my dad forced me to start at age 12 with one of the black handled Gilettes.) I'm looking forward to learning new things and talking with everyone here. I do have one question right off the bat: I discovered a '59 fatboy red tip in one of grandfathers old Norelco boxes a few weeks ago ( I was excited to say the least, because I always wanted one). The razor is in great shape except when you put a blade in and close the doors the blade has a slight slant on one side of the razor. I didnt see an answer in the restoration and maintenance area of the wiki, so any and all input would be appreciated. Again, I'm looking forward to being a part of this group, and have already learned a good bit when I was "lurking" this evening. Thanks
  2. Hey Jeff, welcome.

    Sounds like either something is bent or crud inside is keeping it from closing properly. Soak it in some hot water a d see if that loosens it up.

    Can you post a photo? That might help figure out the problem.
  3. Great to have you onboard!
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    Welcome to B&B. Yes, pictures would be helpful.
  5. Welcome Aboard!
  6. Welcome to the forum !!
  7. Thanks for the greetings! I'll post a photo today.
  8. Greetings and Salutations to B&B Jeff.
  9. $2012-07-04_13.35.24.jpg Here is the pic gentlemen. I'm thinking Vickers is right, because its probably been in that Norelco case collecting dust for 30+years. I'll start on clean up while I wait for feedback. Thanks guys.
  10. Welcome. Learn. Enjoy!
  11. I've done some tune-ups on vintage razors. Yes, a photo would be most helpful.

    It sounds like the razor may have been dropped and the safety comb was bent up or down allowing more blade exposure... if I understand the problem correctly. If so, it's a simple fix: use a small flat head screwdriver, insert it into the slot between the comb and the razor bed (either up or down into the slot, dependning on the direction of the bend) and GENTLY bend it a little at a time into the right/correct position. If you want to be really precise, use a feeler guage for gapping spark plugs to check the gap between the blade and the comb as you're re-aligning things.

    But let's see a photo to know for sure.
  12. Nice to have you here, welcome.

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