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Discussion in 'West Coast Shaving' started by letterk, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. letterk

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    This thread is loooong overdue, as we hired Lili early last year, I believe. I can't remember exactly. She's not new, let's put it that way. Many of you have probably already talked with her on the phone or via email. We're super excited she's part of our shaving family and has been doing an incredible job.
  2. hello Lili :thumbup1:
  3. the_edski

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    Hello, Lili! WCS is the best!
  4. Lili is the best! Keep an eye on her!
  5. Hi Lili.
  6. Hello. Thanks for everything.
  7. Hi Lili!
  8. Jim

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    I love Lili she write me romantic notes on my packages.

    For example here is one,

    Hi Mr. Goose,
    I hope you enjoy your new soap!

    How fantastic is that!
  9. :ohmy:
    Hello Lili... I'm a lawyer in case you want to file that restraining order
  10. Austin

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  11. letterk

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    Now that's funny!
  12. Hello Lili. Well, I sure didn't get any romantic notes with my order, but I did get some fantastic products, and in a very timely manner. I believe I've lost my Cella to my son though :001_unsur. Oh well.

    Thanks for the great service folks. I will definitely be placing other order's.
  13. LOL. Funny thread
    Hi Lili.
  14. Legion

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    Pictures or it never happened.
  15. Welcome Lili, thank you for the help with my order. Also thank you for the samples, I tried 3 of the 4 this morning and all of them are to be ordered. You win!
  16. Welcome Lili. I've just discovered WCS this year. Thanks for answering all my questions, great products and rapid shipping. But what is this I am reading about notes and samples ;-)
  17. Welcome to B&B Lili!
  18. Hi Lili,
    thank you for packaging my products so well, and where are my lil notes
  19. As I look into my crystal ball I see... one moment now. It is becoming clearer - yes, I see Lili and...

    There seems to be a problem, she is holding her - yes it is her hand, her RIGHT hand and she seems to be...

    In some mild discomfort. Wait a minute, it looks like - a pile of notepads next to her along with pens, lots of pens in case one runs out of ink.

    She is clutching her wrist with her left hand as she writes - writer’s cramp! She has writer’s cramp and looks to be mouthing the words... It is coming through now:

    “This was not in the job description.” :biggrin1:
  20. letterk

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