Savon le Père Lucien (Le Père Lucien Soap)

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  1. A guy on a shaving french forum offered to test his new barber soap in order to check if his product and to obtain feedback from the main market target :D

    I've asked for a sample and tested it. I was really impressed by the result and ordered him 200 g of soap :D

    I bought that stainless box with the 200 g soap
    The product exist too with that sort of shuttle. (100g)

    That is a soft soap, when i received the sample i was surprise, it's between the cream and the soap.

    The smell is fresh and light , it's make with natural essential oil, i don't remember the composition, but that is very light and discrete. As soon as you make the shaving foam, the smell disapear. No interference with the after shave or other.

    The soap need a lot of water to make a nice foam, i don't have had any problem to make a nice foam , but some user said they didn't succeed quickly to make foam. They didn't put enough water on their brush :D

    The slide of the blade is very good and smooth , the protection is good for me, some people found that the skin protection was not perfect, but for me it's very good.

    The foam stay wet some time but not two hours :D. If you have a nice foam with enough water, it won't dry at all :D.

    The soap consumption is not bad at all with 10 g i did 12 shave. And i'm sure that with a bigger quantity the number is even higher.

    I did two shave video with some of my razor and the sample of soap i've had.

    For me it's a really good soap And it's made in france with natural product :D, for a french guy it count a bit :)
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  3. Very nice write-up and good videos.

    Merci beaucoup.
  4. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    Cheers for the write-up, absolutely love the pictures :thumbup:
    Where can one purchase this soap? Curious to give it a try.
  5. would love to purchase as well. please post a link or information on how to contact the person who sells it.
  6. I don't know if i can make a direct link with his email

    lepere.lucien?@? : Put away the ? around the @ to obtain his email. His website is not created now, he is working on it too :D

  7. Thank you
  8. kinda steep at $44 shipped for 200g..... BUT I am trying it anyways.... my SAD is out of's the mystery of "could this be the one..." BUT then again, that will happen 20 more times on 20 more soaps before Christmas. :)
  9. Prof. Moriarty

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    Those are MdC prices :blink:

  10. I know ... I have actually been back and forth with the soap maker today via email encouraging him to at least price his soap, shipped outside of France at no more than $30 in total (half the cost of MdC) and that in the world of bringing a product to market, high initial pricing can ruin a lroduct when there is little known about it.

    I am encouraging an introductory price, and if the stuff is amazing, then increase to regular price of 25€ after the intro period. I paid the price so I can review and hopefully enjoy a newcomer french soap....not sure many others will be willing to pay $44 US when they can add $16 and get a jar of MdC.

    I truly look forward to this soap....but initial pricing is going to make or break it for many.
  11. Its really not that bad, considering its $44 shipped and its 200g. I'm sure that shipping 200g of soap from France is not cheap (it looks like its about $12 to ship that weight from the US to France). The only issue is laying out that much for an unknown soap-maker, but from the looks of it, it looks great!
  12. In function of the shipping way it will be between 8 (11 usd) and 25 euros (35 usd). I will discuss with Cyril about international shipping. :)
  13. If $44 shipped includes the tin being made on stainless...
  14. is French
  15. Prof. Moriarty

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    So by that logic a Volkswagen should cost as much as an Audi?
    I mean they are both German...
  16. Yes it's , 25 euros (33,86 usd) for the soap and the stainless tin, and 8 euros (10.8 usd) for the shipping cost.

    10 euros for 100g of soap without tin, cup and shipping (more or less 13.5 usd)
  17. If I was into seeking out French made or foreign made soaps, I'd buy it, that price doesn't seem too unreasonable. Best of luck to the soap maker!
  18. Technically they are both Volkswagen...
  19. Last I checked, MdC is more like $65 to $70 shipped for one pot. $44 is still pretty high though.

  20. well...I received confirmation that it is on it's way. We shall see in about 10-14 days guys.


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