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  1. This is a thread that I'm starting in an attempt to provide information on retailers of shaving goods as well as other items that are of typical interest to those on the board, to those members residing near Salt Lake City, Utah. I'll try to update this thread occasionally, and hope local B&Bers will contribute.

  2. This thread was prompted by a trip that I made today to Trolley Square Mall in in downtown Salt Lake (roughly 7th East and 450 South). I found a store named Tabula Rasa which carries a plethora of items I find interesting. I believe that the store is local and not a chain.

    Shaving goods:
    Firstly, they carry the full line of Jack Black products including aftershave, shaving cream, and cologne as well as their other items such as body wash.

    They also carry Caswell Massey shaving soaps and shave sets including Super Badger brushes. I am aware that CM soaps aren't considered to be the best, but they are available and you can get one with a wooden bowl for $16. If nothing else, keep the bowl. The brushes should fine as I am sure they are made by a 3rd party, and the body/hand soaps and other items are not as despised.

    High-End Toiletries:
    Utah is one of the few states without a Crabtree and Evelyn, but this store actually carries a wide selection of their products including Nomad and Sienna body/hand soaps and Cologne. If you have been thinking of trying either of their shaving soaps this might be a place to go to try the scent.

    They carry Pre de Provence shea butter, soaps and other items. Unfortunately they do not carry the shave soap, but it is nice to see these items at least.

    Several other high end soap brands are sold in the store, and on their site, though I didn't see it, was even listed Santa Maria Novella.

    Pens and Stationary:
    Tabula Rasa has an incredible array of fountain and ball-point pens, ink, and nibs as well as items like sealing wax and high grade paper. I thought this was worth a note on a site with such a strong following for fountain pens.

    In addition to all of the goods they carry, the staff was courteous and helpful, and the one female was also rather cute. I will definitely return.

    Their website:
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  3. Thank you for the thread.

    I work in the Salt Lake valley and have purchased most of my shave goods on line. I would love to use more local vendors. :thumbup1:
  4. Some of the best places to purchase goods in Utah are the dollar stores in the area. Aside from the number of shaving items that one can obtain these stores generally carry a nice supply of other personal care items that I use.

    Family Dollar:
    These stores are strewn across the Salt Lake Valley and it's hard to miss their enormous red and white signs dotting the streets. They carry a very small, but excellent selection of shaving related supplies. The Family dollar is by far the most inexpensive store to buy Ivy Club Spice also known as the Shulton Old Spice knock off, as well as original Ivy Club, aka the Brut knock off. One can pick up these Vijon products for around $1.60 per 7oz bottle. You can purchase the same Spice aftershave at local Rite Aid stores, but at a much higher markup of around $5 per bottle. In addition to shave supplies these stores carry items such as Noxema, palmolive soap, and cocoa butter creams, and many other household items that one might need to pick up.

    The Dollar Tree:

    Unfortunataly, there isn't much positive to say about these stores with regard to shaving items. They carry generic bottles of witch hazel, disposable razors, and some no-name brands of shaving foam in a can. They do carry some good bath soaps such as Palmolive, Yardley, and Irish Spring as well as Dial antiperspirant, but they aren't items that are difficult to come across in the first place.

    I would avoid this store at all costs. Very disappointing, even for a dollar store, and no items worth mentioning.

    Dollar General:
    I wasn't aware that these stores even existed in Utah until recently, but I'm glad I know. As of now, one needs to take the drive up I-15 to either Clearfield or Ogden to locate these stores, but the trip can be worth it. The Dollar General is home to my favorite aftershave, Barbasol Brisk. They also carry the coveted Barbasol Pacific Rush aftershave splash, Swan Arctic Blue aftershave (AV knock off) and extremely cheap Trac II blades. The other usual dollar store items apply to these stores as well.

    That's all I know for now. Thanks for looking!
  5. Tabula Rasa is the place to go for in-valley fountain pen stuff. I have a Waterman Expert and a plethora of inks from them.

    The main product that I see oddly enough, is Elsha (Russian Leather) aftershave and cologne. Every single grocery store I've been to stocks it. Other than that:

    The only place I can find Williams. Beyond that they don't have much.

    These stores all seem to have a different stock of shaving products. The location on Ft. Union seems to have the best selection. Van Der Hagan pucks and brushes, a variety of Adidas splashes, and a bunch of Pinaud products. You can also get Personna GEM blades here.

    There's a rather unknown beauty supply store near my new place that I haven't had a chance to check out yet, but I'll head over there at some point and give a report.
  6. Man, how could I have forgotten?!

    The Tinderbox
    Across the street from the South side of Fashion Place Mall. They have a huge variety of Col. Conk products including soaps, brushes, bowls, and even a straight razor set!
  7. Here is my list of regular everyday stores that one might visit and my assessment of each regarding their usefulness. I work retail for a company that services each of these locations, so I have seen quite a few of each chain.

    Smith's/Smith's Marketplace:

    These stores are Utah's Kroger stores. Smith's is the smaller grocery store version, where the Marketplace (which all used to be Fred Meyer's and are pretty much the same thing) is the larger department store carrying extras such as sporting goods, clothing, fragrances, furniture, outdoor supplies, etc. Their shaving sections are both very similar, with the Marketplace's being larger with more facings. They may carry a few items the regular Smith's don't, but not much. The selection at these store is fairly standard with Barbasol cans, Gillette foamy, Nivea, and Neutrogena products. After shaves include the standard Skin bracer, Aqua Velva, and Vijon knock-offs. As mentioned this is the only chain that carries Williams that I know.
    Special note- the Smith's Marketplace in Bountiful just off on 500 S, has a rather nice section for organic and natural products. They carry some great items that I thought were worth a note. They do not carry many items in the way of shaving except Kiss My Face shave cream in one or two varieties. They do, however, carry several related products such as Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in the large bottles, pure tea tree oils, a whole rack of fragrance oils, jojoba oil, and some great hand soaps including Sappo Hill soaps which I love, and use as a pre shave for their high glycerin content.
    Associated Food Stores:
    Utah and several other western states have a food association of local grocers that all carry the same store plans. These stores include any Winegar's, Dick's, Fresh Market's (what used to be Albertson's), Dan's, Ream's, Macey's Jubilee Foods, and more. These store make up a surprising percentage of the grocers in the state, and they all carry the exact same products which limits what you can get greatly. They usually only carry, some the very basics of Barbasol, Gillette, Nivea creams and your stock aftershaves. Some stores carry more or less, but they all run about the same.
    Harmon's- Harmon's is actually an Associated Foods store, but they don't follow the same layout as the others. They are generally nicer stores, and have higher end products, though their shaving section is still rather meager. On the east side of the valley, in the more "well to do" neighborhoods, on can find more products generally. One store at least, carries a decent selection of aftershaves (some of which I've never seen or heard of before), and Tweezerman badger brushes. They are, otherwise, similar in their selection to other AF stores.​

    I hate to say it, but Wally World carries a fairly good selection of shave goods. They have VDH soaps and shave sets at a very good price, and items I don't see elsewhere such as Brut Attitude and Shave Secret. WW also carries the large bottles of Aqua Velva at a price comparable to the small bottles at any of these other stores. Their selection of cartridge razors is substantial as well and they even carry Personna TracII carts at a good price. Apart from that they carry a large supply of various canned foams and gels, and other standard fair. The some stores carry a substantial selection of colognes and aftershaves either in their fragrance department, or a particular aisle.​


    Of the stores I've visited, I have been very disappointed. Their selection is meager and consists of something I'd expect from a much smaller store. Standard fair applies to these stores as far as creams, razors, and aftershaves.​

    The Wal carries a varied selection depending on which stores you visit. Some carry VDH Deluxe (flesh tone) soap, and a few carry VDH brushes, though they are quite expensive for what you get (~$9). Again, they have a fairly standard stock of products with canned foams and gels, as well as afters shaves. One mention worth while is that some carry Pinaud AS's. A particularly useful tool that these stores implement is an ordering system that allows you to have things delivered to their store at no cost from their website.​

    Rite Aid

    I rather like Rite Aid. They carry a selection that is better than most stores. They carry VDH kits, as well as the VDH Select (white) soap. Though it is a bit more expensive one can pick up Renew Spice, which is their store brand Old Spice, which is exactly the same as the Family Dollar Ivy Club Spice. Another major advantage that these stores have is their selection of Real Shaving Co. creams, balms, and face scrubs. Lastly, if you keep a watch out, one can get a fair deal on injector and SE blades.


    These stores used to carry Kiss My Face shaving creams, and some may still do so. Aside from this mention, they carry pretty much the same things as everyone else, ie canned foam and cheap splashes.​

    K-mart/Big K-mart

    I don't know the difference between these two stores. They seem to carry the same shave products, regardless. Generally they have the same products everyone else does, though I think they carry the larger bottles of AV.

    Whole Foods:

    I really like whole foods, despite some of my disdain for a good portion of their clientele. Whole Foods does indeed carry a slew of products one can't get most other places in Utah. Aubrey Organics, Weleda, Alba, Kiss My Face, Thayer's Witch Hazel, and others I can't remember. Other store chains do carry these brand names, but few, if any, carry the shave paraphernalia. Aside from these items Whole foods does carry niche items like bentonite clay, some great body soaps, and pure coconut oil. The selection of these stores might vary by location, and I prefer the store in downtown Salt Lake on 400 S. Because this is the only chain which carries many of these items, they may be worth the inflated prices, but so many of their other items are actually carried in other stores for less money that a special trip just for shave goods is often needed. Special products of note are Aubrey Organics aftershave splashes, and Thayer's Medicated Superhazel.​
  8. I hit this place up yesterday thanks to this thread and picked up a puck of Col. Conks Bay Rum soap. The gent running the place said that they should be getting a larger stock of shaving products in soon.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Our selection here has been quite meager. Will be interesting to see if the Tinderbox gets a larger selection. By the way, D. Grant LTD., the mens clothing store in the Gateway carries the smaller Truefit & Hill shaving creams and high end cologne such as Creed.
  10. I took a trip to the Gateway Mall today to see what I could find in the way of shaving gear, and thought I'd share my findings. I'm sure this isn't a complete list, but it is definitely a start

    D. Grant Ltd.
    Somebody mentioned this earlier, so I won't say much. In this store you'll find Truefitt and Hill shaving creams, balms, and soaps; Creed colognes; T&H brush and razor sets, a set of Dovo straight razors, and if you look behind all of their products there is a small box with T&H 1805 shaving cream samples.​

    The Body Shop
    You'll find a small section here of shaving supplies and cologne for men including reasonably priced balms of various scents, their coveted Maca Root line, and synthetic shaving brushes. I am fairly certain that everything they carry is proprietary and only carried by them. I personally think this is a great place for newbs.​

    Bath and Body Works
    At this location you'll find the usual C.O. Bigelow shaving cream, as well as their various aftershaves, colognes, and other men's care goods.​

    This little place is located across from the Megaplex 12 theater, next to Z'Tejas. As with most of the other store there is one rack on which all the men's goods rest. Brands and products carried here are:
    The Art of Shaving- Both Lavender and Sandalwood creams and balms, unscented soap, Fusion Razors, brushes and a few other items.
    Jack Black- "Mark" series Colognes, cleansers, shave cream, AS balm.
    Anthony Logistics items.
    Billy Jealousy- shaving cream, moisturizers, lotions, etc.
    They also carry Peter Thomas Roth products, but I don't believe there were any shaving products in that line. The girl attending to the store told me their online selection is larger and shipping is free, but I don't know if that requires pick-up at the store or something else as the site lists "Free shipping Over $49"​
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  11. Dang, I need to go back to the Gateway. I didn't know about D. Grant, and the last time I was in Apothica all they had as the Jack Black stuff.
  12. I thought I'd bump this thread for that anyone hasn't seen it, and because I'm hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction for some decent tea in the valley. I've been around to a few of the local asian markets, and found some okay loose teas, but would like to try some more. Thanks to all the SLCers!
  13. Thanks for all the great info. I'm new to the site and wet shaving so this is going to help.

    As far as tea, have you been to the Protea Cottage in Gardner Village? They carry a wide assortment of loose tea and accessories.

    Has anyone been to Decades Barber Shop, Shave Parlor & Antiques? I have a gift certificate for a straight shave that I got last fathers day. I just haven't gone yet. When I do I'll be sure to update here with the experience and any findings.
  14. LMF,

    Check out the Beehive Tea Room on the corner of Main St. and 300 S. They have a decent collection of loose leaf tea sold by the ounce.

    (I still prefer ordering from Adagio, but the Tea Room has a nice selection and a very relaxed atmosphere. It is almost like drinking tea in a circa 1850 fancy living room.)
  15. Thanks so much for the info guys. I was not aware that the Beehive Tea Room sold tea to go. I've been meaning to give that place a shot, and now I have another reason.

    As for Decades Barbershop, I have not heard of it, but I hope you'll let us know how it goes.
  16. Not anymore. The straight set I mean, as I just bought it.:thumbup:
    Thanks to this post, I had something to do while SWMBO shopped the mall.
  17. Hey, I've fondled that very straight razor set a couple of times. Good call :thumbup1:
  18. So those are your fingerprints. :tongue_sm
    They even threw in a free amber soap!

    I went through the catalog and made a few suggestions on stock. The saleswoman explained that she wasnt sure whether to order more or not. I explained that I was here visiting family and had found out about the store from the biggest and best shaving forum on the web. Showed her this post on my BB, and I think renewed their interest in shaving swag.:thumbup1:
  19. Though I've never been there, The Tea Grotto gets rave reviews from people I've talked to. From the look of their website they seem to have a good selection of loose-leaf. This is <5 mins from my house...I need to get over there.
  20. Very nice call, buddy! A couple of friends and myself checked this place out this afternoon, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the tea. I liked the fact that they have a good selection of moderately priced teas. A lot of the teas they had are comparable in price to a lot of bagged teas, but are much more flavorful and interesting. Plus they share a building with a gelato shop :drool:

    PS I like your neighborhood. I wish I could afford to live in Sugarhouse or the surrounding area.
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