SALE: J.A. Henckels Rapide Safety Razor Set

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  1. This is an old J. A. Henckels Rapide safety razor in excellent condition.

    CASE: A little worn, but it's the case.

    SPARE RAZOR HOLDER: The only thing made of steel, so it has a bit of pitting on one edge. No big deal. The holder is the most insignificant piece in the whole set. (It's still a 97% mirror shine, tho.)

    STROP / STROP MECHANISM: The strop is in perfect condition. (No cuts, nicks, etc.) The strop mechanism is made of two parts--the silver tab for gripping and the brass roller bars. (I believe the roller bars were originally silver color, but became brassed over the years.) The stropping mechanism works perfectly. You simply insert the blade into the mechanism, grab the silver stropping tab, and slide it back and forth and back and forth. It's fast and easy.

    BLADES (x2): These 3/4 hollow blades are a mirror shine. One is 99.9% flawless. The other has some very light staining which may polish out, but I'm not about to start messing with near perfection! LOL

    The blade face reads: [logo] J. A. Henckels Twin Works / Solingen Germany / Henckels Rapide.

    The blade spine reads: J. A. Henckels Germany.

    RAZOR: What can I say? It's brilliant! =) One small area of brassing on one side of one spring that holds the blade down. Again...definitely no big deal. (As you can see in the photos! LOL)


    Interested in trading for straight razor hones: Japanese Synthetics (low grits), Barber Hones, Chinese 12K, Belgian Yellow or Blue, Dalmore Blue, whatever.

    Also interested in straight razor strops: paddle, hanging, whatever.



    Please contact me with any questions. Shipping is FREE via USPS Priority Mail with USPS Insurance. Inquire for international shipping rates. PayPal preferred. No e-checks. Happiness guaranteed. (This is the fine print.)

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  2. Here are a few more...
  3. Neat!
  4. Very nice razor!! GL
  5. This is a fantastic example of these razors. Nice piece Chris.
  6. Thanx, everyone. By the way...I'll also recondition the strop with a bit of neatsfoot oil before sending it to its new home.

  7. I agree with everyone! Great set!
    But I left my wedge safety razor AD 2 months ago:biggrin:
    Maybe one could find a rapide razor, but the whole set with the strop... I've never seen one.
  8. QUESTION: I changed the ad from sale to trade only. Must I list a price if I'm asking for a trade only? (I couldn't find that answer in the TOS.) Because to be perfectly honest, I don't see these come up very often, so I have no idea what it's worth to anyone but me. So to place a price on it is way too arbitrary for my tastes, and it was making me a little uncomfortable. (And if you have any idea what a fair asking price is for this set, please feel free to post it here or send me a PM.)

    I have a headache. I need a nap.

  9. Answer: No, you are not required to post a price unless you are selling. Clear descriptions and what you are looking for are all that is necessary for a trade posting.
  10. Wow, talk about flawless condition.
  11. wow,
    this is actually the first time i have been in pain ihave wanted something so badly,
    that is the most awesome razor i have ever seen,

    PM me if your trade falls through, i would gladly trade my straight or strop for it,
  12. Sorry Jatte :001_rolle
  13. This just got here, and let me just say this:

    This is the very coolest thing that I have ever owned!

    Thanks CJBianco!:w00t::w00t: :thumbup1:
  14. wow!..:mad3:to late for me...nice razor! very nice in did:thumbup1:..lucky buyer..:biggrin:
  15. Congrats! Looks like a great set!
  16. It's my pleasure. Enjoy! (And let us know how it shaves!)

    Me =)
  17. By the way...the razor is GONE. =)

  18. That set looked amazing.

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