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  1. Hello Safety Razor experts!

    I was running low on cartridges, and having heard a lot of good things about DE Safety Razors, I'm looking to get in on a very tight budget. (PLEASE DON'T say Merkur - not until my credit cards are paid off and I have a steady job.) People back in the day used a safety razor without blowing their bank account, after all.

    I can get blades from the drug store or from ebay pretty cheap, along with some shaving soap. I've got a synthetic brush, a plastic mug, and more free time than I would like.

    The question is the razor. First priority is reasonable cost, second priority is ease of use. I don't mind an old design or an Indian design or whatever.

    By the way, I don't think my skin is sensitive, and I keep a mustache, shaving the beard.
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    Welcome to B&B!

    I would recommend getting a Gillette Tech or Gillette Superspeed off B/S/T (Buy/Sell/Trade) section of this forum.

    I have to say, a razor blade sample pack is a must, buy more than one brand of blade, they might not agree with you.

    This page should help you:
  3. I agree with the superspeed and a sample pack. Superspeed was my first DE razor and can be had for fairly cheap. If you have to have a new razor I would recommend a Edwin Jagger DE89 its cheaper than a Merkur and i liked it better too.

    oh and welcome to B&B
  4. Welcome to B&B! The tech and super speed are both good starter razors, and can be had at reasonable prices. Check the b/s/t forum.
  5. I can PIF you a Weishi in perfect condition. Free is a pretty good budget. I graduated from the Weishi to a Gillette Super Speed pretty quickly, however, it can give you an idea if DE shaving is for you as well as time to research what razor you really want and can afford. You can pass it on after you've retired it too.

    Someone who has been DE shaving longer than I can give you a better recommendation as for starter blades. I am still on the blade hunt and will be for quite some time. :laugh:

    Other tips for on the cheap:
    Start with a Tweezerman or Escali badger brush $12-13
    Make a brush stand out of a wire hanger.
    Use a cereal bowl you probably already have for lathering.
    CO Bigelow (Bath & Bodyworks) or Kiss My Face Moisture Shave (Whole Foods)
    Get a non-alcohol aftershave from the supermarket or use what you've already got.
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    Go on the scrounge among your older relatives or friends. One of them will probably have an old DE, probably a tech or a superspeed, they will gladly give you for a beer.

    Next go online and get some Israeli personna blades.

    Get a boar brush from the local drugstore and a Palmolive shave stick soap. You are ready for action!
  7. I'll see if my dad has anything - I think he might have a brush. I ordered a tech from one of the guys on the site, very reasonable.
  8. +1
    I put out word to all my older relatives and friends, and within a couple weeks I received a 1951 Super Speed, 1964 Slim Adjustable, and 1975 Super Adjustable. All of them cleaned up wonderfully and shave great.
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    You can now look for a razor blade sample pack.
  10. I also really appreciate the friendly, not arrogant response, and the reasonable suggestions. I was worried about elitism, but you have shown non of that. :)
  11. OmegaPaladin:
    Welcome to the B & B...and'll love it here :shaving:
    Once you get time....please tell all of us a little about yourself in the Hall of Fame sub-forum :biggrin1:

  12. Welcome, sir! I am in the same exact boat as you, except I have sensitive skin.

    I found no trace of arrogance or elitism in anyone, either. I think we're going to love this place!

    Check out my post on the Newbie Check-In for some more advice for starting on the cheap. It was called, "My face hurts and my head is spinning".

    Also, don't pass on that incredibly generous offer for the PIF DE. 'Pay It Forward' seems to be a bit of a phenomena around here!

  13. Welcome to Badger & Blade!
  14. I opted for a used Gillette Super Speed as my razor from Ebay, and a blade sampler pack from West Coast Shaving. It was pretty cheap (20 out the door I believe) for the razor itself, and has been very easy to use. I love my setup! But like the other suggestions, the PIF sounds great to start you out. The hardest part for me has been all the choices in damn near everything. It seems that you cant really go wrong if you listen to the great folks around here.

    Welcome, from a n00b to a n00b!
  15. Welcome to B&B!
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    Welcome to B&B, some great guidance above. DE shaving definitely does not have to be expensive:thumbup1:
  17. I too had the same requirements when I began wetshaving about a month ago.
    I was able to purchase a used Gillette Super Speed from the B/S/T forums here for around $10 - and $4 shipping. Pretty great price considering I live in Australia and the razor had to travel from America. Also, JudgeKemp of whom I purchased this razor from was kind enough to slip in two 5 blade derby packs with the razor, along with some Geo F Trumper's samples. How considerate and generous!

    All in all, I think you will find the gents here exceptionally accomodating with regards to selling you a nice, cheap and very useable razor which I'm sure will last you many years to come.

    Good Luck! and Welcome.
  18. While some stay away from it, Williams soap is cheap way to start out or getting your hands on some VDH. Both are usually available at local stores and not too expensive. Since they are soaps, obtaining a simple boar brush does not add to the expenses, and I have found that using my boar brushes lather a little better on those soaps. I found that keeping it simple in the beginning, getting my technique down, and then jumping into some more expensive products. Purchasing a Weishi or Feather Popular is a good start if you do not find anything at auction sites to your liking or price range. But beware, AD may kick in soon and you may begin to buy all sorts of things. Have fun with your purchases and look for new ways to improve on them.
  19. Welcome to Badger & Blade!

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