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  1. Hello All,
    So glad I found this site. So much good info.
    Which of these razors would be better for a woman?

    Merkur Deluxe Safety Razor w/Stocky Red Metal Handle


    Merkur Adjustable FUTUR Double Edge Safety Razor #70

    The Merker red handle has a nice thick handle that would be easy to hold.
    But the Futur is adjustable so that seems good too.
    Anyone with any experience or ideas?
  2. I dont have experience with either of those so I cannot say for sure. Gillette makes a lady's razor. It is basically a superspeed with a longer handle. Just something to ponder. I have found in my experience that any razor I use is fine.
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    Welcome to B&B!

    I wouldn't know, a too big handle might be difficult to use.

    I don't have special love for adjustables... Merkur make long handle razors, I would think those might be better but then, I wouldn't know...
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    There are plenty of women members here who could probably answer your question with more authority.
    But from discussions past, it seems that for leg shaving, you'd want something that is easy to hold on to, and that has a handle long enough to use effectively.
    The reasoning being that a man shaving his face shaves flat, planish areas (even though the face and neck are curved) and is never in a position where he is shaving something behind him, like a woman must do when shaving the back of the leg.
    I can't say which of those would be best, but I know that some of the men here have said that the futur was a bit "slippery".
    There are vintage models available here on the Buy Sell Trade forum, or on e-bay which were designed for women. You might check those.
    Additionally some of the other vintage razors have features similar to those designed for women and would probably work well.
    These would include the Lady Gillette, the Super Adjustable (long handle) the Knack, the Schick Krona or the British G1000 or Slim Twist.
    Good luck on your search.
  5. I've never found a need for a very long-handled razor, but perhaps other women do. Right now I use a Gillette Slim for all my leg shaving, but in the past I've used a Fat Handled Tech with no length problems. Slipping hasn't been a problem, either, although the both those razors do look a little smooth. I like a vintage razor design because it almost always includes some sort of knurling, which is extremely effective for increasing grip, and I find the vintage look much more appealing than a large, streamlined, marital aid-looking device. :lol:
  6. Welcome to B&B! My wife loves her Lady Gillette.
  7. I was looking at Futur's today and that smooooth handle scares me. I've been using a nicely knurled Merkur 38C and every other shave I note that were it not for the nice grip, I'd have dropped it.

    Leg shaving seems like it would take longer and involve more awkward reaching, lots more cream and such. I'd want the best grip I could get.
  8. My wife prefers an adjustable. She has made my Black handle SA her own.
  9. I think I've lost my '57 red tip to swmbo. She says she likes the weight and doesn't feel the handle is too short. The combo of that and a 7 o'clock yellow is her favorite.
  10. Both Schick and Gillette made 'ladies' models with longer handles and fancy colors.
  11. Thanks for all the responses!
    I ordered the Gillette 1966 starburst safety razor. Can't wait to try it.

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