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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Azarius, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Just received the 2012 Sabi T3 thought that I would weigh it and take it out for a spin.

    The first thing I noticed was the exceptional high quality of the plating, especially on the handle. The handle is better plated than any Merkur, Parker and even replates that I own.

    Next was the handles weight. OMG, this thing is a BEAST. With a length of three inches, it is about the same length as the 1904 OC and 97R, but more than doubles the weight of the Merkur and about a 45% increase over the Parker. According to the Shave A Buck site, they say that the handle is solid stainless steel, which upon inspection, and just the weight of this beast, I would say that it is.

    The head is both good and bad, I will explain. The head design is the same that you see on the NYSC Mariner and even Weber. The plating is very good, the attention to detail, not so good. I am a perfectionist, I like attention to the fine details which makes something go from good to great. The pot metal that all modern companies use is not a great material, but higher end companies do a better job at polishing the corners, ends, lip of top cap, and the comb. These are nothing more than minor comestic flaws that you can clearly see from the images on Shave A Buck. If these do not bother you, and for the price, it shouldn't, this is a non-issue.

    Although the bottom of the comb is different, again like the Weber and NYSC, it is a virtual clone of the R89/DE89, just a slightly larger blade gap, similar to the Parker 97R.

    The shave was OUTSTANDING. I used the Vie-Long Sardinero 13800 Horse Hair from Bullgoose, loaded brush with VDH and Derby Cream for an ├╝ber lather. Loaded the T3 with my go to blade, the SuperMax Super Platinum. This is my evening shave, which I usually use my Merkur 1904, so I was a little reluctant to use an aggressive razor. Do two passes, light buffing and had a BBS. Some mild burn after Alum, but nothing bad.

    Overall shave impressions was very impressive. But I will be honest, what impresses me the most are the fine handles that Sabi is precurring from their OEM supplier. In my razor weight I show this handle on a GEM 1912 (thanks to 3 piece handle design) and 2010 R41, you can check it out here.

    Would I recommend this razor? Yes. It provides a great close aggressive shave at a great price.

    Do I think the razor is worth the price for the handle alone? Hell Yeah! Just look at it!!!

    I love these new Sabi handles so much I want to buy the T1 and T2 once they get back into stock.
  2. That is one beast of a razor!!! Your right, the handle alone is worth the price!!
  3. Nice to hear the T3 handle is as nice as the T2 handle I reviewed earlier. Good stuff the handles on these razors. Put them on a R41 head and you have yourself the best modern setup possible IMHO.
  4. Great review, sir. Definitely have to try that handle! You should be getting some nice toned biceps in a few weeks after working out with that thing!
  5. I'm shocked there hasn't been much comment on this thing!! I've never seen a handle like that, and from previous post and love shown to the NY shaving company razor which uses the same head, I figured people would go ape shitez on this!

    If they did a handle like Joris....Man!! that would be insane!
  6. That's a heckuva razor especially the handle...might just have to check it out...great review
  7. Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to provide a through explanation of your experience.
  8. I foresee a T1, T2, & T3 in my future. Or at least one head and all 3 handles!
  9. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    looks pregnant.....too big for me though
  10. I really cannot wait to get my hands on the other models. Both the T1 and T2 have gorgeous handles. The thought of the T1 handle on a GEM 1912 makes me smile.
  11. I'm really wanting the t2...would be great if he got some OC's to go with those killer handles!
  12. I am ordering you all three man, and the chrome Silvertip brush
  13. Thanks for the review. My T1 and Resin Handle just got delivered. I tried out the resin handle Sabi which has the same handle form just lighter. Its a little top heavy but I got a great shave from it. I thought I would have some issues with the handle shape and the smooth finish of the resin, but it felt comfortable in my hand and even when wet I had a good grip on it. I'll be trying out the T1 this weekend.
  14. A great rewiew. The head don't look that good but those handles, really sweet on the eye!
  15. Today I used the T3 handle with the 2011 R41 head, the shave was orgasmic, and it looks great. I need to post pics once I get home.
  16. Already cheating on your 1912?
  17. Ken was texting me while I was prepping..."Bro you need to use your R41" It has been a 6 days, so I thought I would. Still love the R41, but that 1912 is just so nice. I wished that the u-joint plate on the head as not there, and they just had a head with a screw in it.
  18. LOL! Let's see, I have a 1912. Bet we could work something out. I'd take the T3, the R41, & the 1904, call it even. Whatdya say????
  19. I used a T1 handle on my 2011 r41 today, this is a great combo!!
  20. Thanks 4 your review... that is a sahhhh=wweeeet looking razor. I will do my best 2 NOT BUY this razor anytime soon. It's gonna be difficult.


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