Sabi Gen DE Razor made in Pakistan

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  1. I just purchased the following razor from

    It's called the Sabi Gen DE Razor, and it is made in Pakistan.


    It is being offered for an intro price of $9.99, and at that price, I couldn't resist giving it a try. It appears to be made of solid brass throughout, which is quite unique for a current production razor, as most of the current production are aluminum, and plated zinc (aka pot metal).

    The handle is also quite long at 4", I have always enjoyed longer handles, having bigger hands.

    I am anxious for it to get here, so I can take it for a whirl. I will be sure to report my findings.

    Anyone else ever hear of it, or better yet actually use one?


    P.S. This is a TTO razor, the TTO mechanism is operated by the knobby wheel just underneath the head, in the same manner than a Gillette Knack operates.
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  2. Nice find. I cant wait to hear how it shaves.
  3. The ring (and head) reminds me the Feather Popular, a mild shaver...
  4. If you are lucky, you won't get bit by quality control.

    Not fun when that happens... :(
  5. I have been there, I have had my face ripped up twice by a "Feather Portable" that has a very uneven blade exposure (the blade is not centered, and sits farther over to one side than the other).

    One side of the razor was super mild, and the other side induced instant cuts on any part of my face it touched. OUCH!!

    The razor has been returned to the vendor for replacement. :smile:
  6. Pakistan is The Quality Capital Of The World :wink:

    That is a very good lookin' razor can't wait to hear your report when it arrives.
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  7. Keep us up to date; isn't it great to see something new again?!
  8. Even better, if I am the pioneer of a razor that turns out to be truly amazing hidden gem!! :tongue_sm:biggrin:
  9. My shipment from Shave a Buck ( showed up today (super fast shipping, I ordered early Friday, and it arrived Monday):


    I ordered the Sabi Gen, a Lord Tech, 3 tubes of Dalan Shaving Cream (made in Turkey: sensitive, cool, and energetic), 2 packs of Sharp Blades, 1 pack of Bluebirds, and 10 Personna Super (that I have never seen before):


    Here are a few more photos of the Sabi Gen:



    The razor is all brass construction as I indicated before. Only the head of the razor, the TTO Wheel, and a cap on the end of the handle are plated, the handle itself (which is nice ,and long) is bare un-plated brass.

    The head of the razor looks a little cheaply made (don't plan on dropping it. lol.), but the blade appears to have equal exposure, and is centered perfectly in the razor.

    Stay tuned for my shaving reports with the Sabi Gen, starting tomorrow.

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  10. I will :biggrin:
  11. the upper reminds me of a slim twist. BUT GOLD :lol:
  12. Nice stuffs you have there!
  13. There's a lot of stuff on that site I hadn't even heard of before. I might have to partake.

    I acquired some of the blue personna in a trade some time ago. It's been a year at least since I've used one (only a few left) but as I recall it was an incredible blade. Sharp, smooth and long lasting. I looked to purchase more, but I could only find a 250 count pack for around $40 US. Didn't want to spend that much on them. I've seen them more recently in more reasonable quantities.
  14. It seems too good to be true. A weighty long handled TTO for $10?
  15. I won't lie, the build quality of the head is nothing like that of a vintage Gillette, or even a Merkur. But the razor does have sufficient weight being all brass. If it shaves well, it will be a good entry level razor for the budget minded.

    The most intriguing thing about the head, is that the silo doors use the endcaps as their hinge point.

    Looking at it, it reminds me a lot of my Gillette Knack, except with a heavier handle. :tongue_sm
  16. This has no connection (we hope) but sabi means 'rust' in Japanese and gen can mean 'the original source'. :tongue::tongue:
  17. How does it shave?
  18. It just came today, and I shave in the morning. I will be leaving a report on it early tomorrow morning. :biggrin:

    P.S. I also traded for some Salter French Vetiver cream, which smells exactly as it was described to me: like a burning campfire.

    Not sure if I will use that tomorrow, one of the new Dalan creams, or one of my standbys I know I can get a great lather from.
  19. I'm curious what an "energetic" cream does. :tongue_sm
  20. I initially thought that the "Cool" version would be the mentholated cream, but according to the box, it is the Energetic that is mentholated:

    Cool = with seaweed extract, and Allantoin
    Sensitive= with Guarana extract, and Allantoin
    Energetic= with Menthol and Allantoin

    All three say they are an "Ultra Moisturizing Formula".

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