Rubberset 203 Restore with 24mm WD Silvertip

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  1. Just finishing up another restore, a Rubberset 203 Butterscotch/Black handle that I got off ebay.

    Sanded out the mold lines, sanded out rough spots with sanding pads, filled in the letters with Antique White Craft paint and then polished it with some acrylic polish.

    Set with a 24mm WD Silvertip.

    Handle only needed a bit of widening and no filler. Stuck a cork in for a ledge and then set it at 49-50mm

    Used it a few times already, so far so good.

    I'm impressed. It shed a few hairs to start, but seems to be stopping now...Still 1-2, but I've only used it 4-5 times.

    Some have expressed spongy, mushroom feel to it and say it doesn't spring back to the original shape. Well, when in use, I do not notice any of this. When damp, it can be pushed to the side and it will sort of stay that way, but I tested my Shavemac and it does that too, so I'm not too concerned.

    As for density, Here is a shot of the WD as well as a shot of a $150 brush knot, same diamater....Can you spot the difference?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1st pic is a M&F 2 Band Blonde Badger 24mm, 2nd picture is the Whipped Dog 24mm Silvertip. I'm not saying they are equal, just showing you a comparison shot

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  2. Great looking brush. I've got the same brush that I've been procrastinating on refinishing. You've inspired me to get moving on it.
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    Looks very nice, Bruce. I think you've done a restore with a TGN knot as well, no? How would you compare the two?
  4. yup, a 2 band finest (butterscotch yellow bottom and black top too), seen HERE

    the TGN 2 band finest has more backbone, but I think the WD is softer and more luxurious feeling.
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  5. Looks great! Larry's knots seem to always lose a few hairs in the beginning. Almost a worrisome amount, then it evens out.

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