Rubber or leather Where do you stand?

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  1. I mean on the soles of your shoes!! I have several pairs of leather soled shoes, (some bought second hand) and they often have reinforcing rubber pads on the original leather soles. I think I read (on the Cheaney website) that these rubber pads can lead to misshaping of the shoe, but I really like the feel of them under my feet. Any thoughts?
  2. Purists will say that rubber reinforcing pads will damage shoes because they make the leather soles stiffer and prevent them from "breathing". I suppose that is true. A pair of second-hand Church's I have were damaged that way. Then again, rubber pads are much cheaper to replace than leather soles.

    Since you seem to like the feel of rubber, why not just get shoes with rubber soles?
  3. Just to clarify - I like the feel of leather soles with the rubber pads on. I do have some Loakes with rubber soles. Itshide welted soles to be precise, always handy if I need to go out in the rain.
  4. For outdoor work in the hills I have a pair of heavy leather kip boots with hob nailed soles.

    I also have a pair with rubber soles.

    For on the farm, safety boots

    For everyday, loafers with synthetic soles

    For occasions, country brogues with heavy leather soles or commando soles in wet weather.

    For formal wear, oxfords with leather soles.

    Casual wear in the summer - Birkenstocks and flip flops

    For at home, no shoes worn indoors under any circumstances (gotta look after the light carpets)
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  5. I am moving over to rubber from leather for preference, I prefer the grip, just get a rubber soled version.
  6. I prefer leather soles for dress shoes.
  7. I find rubber soles to be more comfortable, as well as provide better grip on the sidewalk during during icy winters in NYC. Leather soles wear out too often if used for anything other than step-into-the-car-at-home then step-out-of-the-car-into-the-office.

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    I prefer rubber-soled dress shoes. I dislike the sound of leather-soled shoes on non-carpeted floors.
  9. I'd say most men's wardrobes to have at least one formal pair of shes with leather soles in it, but rubber/synthetic offers significan advantages. I've never noticed a difference in breathability and the decreased cushioning detracts from comfort. I used to believe that breathability was a large part of the appeal of leather, but now feel this is well overplayed. I mean, an unlined leather jacket is too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter- it's by no means a perfect material for clothing, despite how sumptuous it looks and feels when done right.
  10. Leather is much nicer looking and feeling IMHO. Rubber is certainly more practical though. Which is more important to you?
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    Leather shoes get leather soles.
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    I tend toward the rubber soles. I'll have a few leather-soled ones for definite "indoor" use, but when it comes to shoes that I might walk a fair distance in, I'll get the rubber soles: either complete rubber soles or vibram half-soles attached to the leather soles.

    (Of course in winter, it's all rubber ... vibram gumlite if at all possible.)
  13. When I read the title of your thread I immediately though you were referring to Laphroaig Scotch (I love the flavor, but I swear I can sometimes taste rubber, leather, phenol, and gasoline in it).

    But I digress..I have some leather soles for dress-up occasions, but work requires me to have more cushion, so I wear dressy looking Rockports (short answer is mostly rubber).
  14. When I resole dress shoes, I use rubber. Just don't like ice skating on short carpet.
  15. As i am a practical man who does not 'dress up' i have all rubber soles, except for 1 pair of dress shoes and one pair of cowboy boots (which will be resoled with leather).

    I need grip and traction, period, for what I do.
  16. kind of digging leather at the moment.. rubbers have their place too...
  17. Almost all my dress shoes are Allen Edmonds and they are almost all leather. I have two pair of Bayfield boots with rubber lug soles and a single pair of waterproof Rockports - those three are my foul weather shoes. The other 8 pair are leather soled
  18. Mike:
    [​IMG]...leather soles is the only way to go!!!

    [​IMG] "It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wears you out; it's the pebble in your shoe". Muhammad Ali

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    ... must ... resist ...
  20. i have been dropping those little bombs for a couple months now... finally someone noticed/commented... :)

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