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  1. I'm sitting here on a beautiful afternoon enjoying a craft root beer I just discovered at the store: Jack Black's Dead Red. And I love the little diner up the street in no small part because they make their own root beer right there, and serve it is big frosty glass mugs. So, who else loves a good root beer? Any favorite brands?
  2. Sorry....
    ...just doesn't agree with me!

    Have Phun though! :001_rolle
  3. There is nothing like a good root beer.

    While growing up, I really loved the root beer at Baskin-Robbins (31 Flavors). I liked it so much that sometimes I would forgo the ice cream for the root beer.

    Lately, I've been drinking Dad's (diet). I really wish I could find some Hire's.
    IBC is good too.
  4. I love a good root beer. We're planning to make our own once we're in the new house actually.

    Dad's is definitely a great brand but I find Mug is usually enough to fill my craving.
  5. Two local Microbreweries (Sprecher and Lakefront) make their own Root Beer and I enjoy both. Sprechers has a little bit of honey added and Lakefront adds some maple syrup to theirs.
  6. For you root beer fans, Anthony's Root Beer Barrel website is definitely a place to visit. Reviews and rankings of 400 brands of root beer!! I don't always agree with Anthony but the place is an eye opener.

    Recently I've been making sure to try any brand that has cane sugar as a sweetener as opposed to corn syrup, but I'm sorry to find that the boutique brands have tended to too much sweetness, as if they're flaunting their cane sugar ingredient.

    Hank's Root Beer has tasted pretty good lately. They have a few dusty four packs under the counter of the neighborhood wine store.
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    Dr. Brown's
  8. Excuse my ignorance (i come from a far away place)but, what exactly is root beer and what does it taste like. Now I know I'm sitting on the Internet so I did a quick Wiki search and it says it's made from sassafras and is really only known in North America. Ok so what does sassafras taste like and is the root beer you guys are talking about have alcohol?


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  9. There's no alcohol in it. The taste is a tough one (for me) to answer... the taste is kind of creamy with a hint of spice.
  10. It taste like tastiness personified.

    I'm sure some kind BBer will offer to send you a bottle in exchange for a bottle of something they can't get here.
  11. and vanilla (sometimes)

    and for my fav: Barq's (do they still make that?) Tho it's super over carbonated, if you catch my drift.
  12. I've always wanted to try koala juice.
  13. It also tastes something like Birch Beer, which I'm guessing is related to the bark of a Birch tree. Does that type of tree grow in Australia?

  14. ugh. too much menthol. :lol:
  15. That's funny, I've been trying to score dingo teeth.
  16. Yeah, they still make it. As for super overcarbonated... Yeah, if you're not careful the bubbles will come out your ears.
  17. chicken lips anyone?
  18. Thanks Chip, so it tastes like Speick Aftershave Balm :lol:


  19. Root beer was traditionally made from sassafras root, but they have long used chemistry to mimic the taste. Root beer is easy to make if you have home brewed beer or wine - the equipment is the same. It is a dark, cola-looking soft drink or soda but has a slight bite to the taste but is smooth like cream and spices like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is pretty pleasant to drink, especially the good stuff. Most mass produced root beers are a shadow of the real thing, thus this topic.
  20. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    That's what I meant to say. :biggrin:

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