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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by halwilson, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. I spend a lot of time on the road, and later this June will be setting out for an entire year traveling through Southeast Asia and the subcontinent. I have been using a Simpsons Major Best Badger Turnback for the past few years when traveling, and (aside from being one of those problem brushes with hair loss--happily replaced by the company) I have been most satisfied with it, both in terms of aesthetics and functional design. This Simpsons turnback is a one rugged brush that is also pleasing to the eye and simple to use.

    On the other hand, out of curiosity, I thought to try out the Rooney Turnback Silvertip travel brush and have just received it this past week. Compared with the "Best Badger" of the Simpsons (also available in "super grade"), the Rooney feels much more luxurious when lathering up. The loft is larger and the bristles are softer than the Simpsons. It would be interesting to compare this brush with the Simpsons Major with their higher grade badger. Nonetheless, IMHO, there are problems with the Rooney's combination of stainless steel parts and imitation ivory barrel. If you soak the brush in hot water prior to lathering up, the barrel expands at a different rate than the stainless steel. As a result the knot's stainless steel base tends to loosen within the plastic barrel. Secondly, there are more parts involved in this design. There is a third stainless steel cap that screws on the end to hold the brush within the barrel. So unlike the other 'turnbacks', this brush does not 'turnback' within the barrel when being stored. As a result the brush remains loose and rattles around inside. Finally, the thickness of the barrel is about half that of the hefty Simpsons, so I would be very concerned about accidentally dropping this brush. It seems too delicate for my tastes.

    With its fine quality loft, the Rooney "Silvertip" not surprisingly offers a superior lathering experience. As a travel brush, however, my Simpsons Major in the lower grade "Best Badger" remains by far my preferred choice.

  2. guenron

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    Well stated Hal. Sad to see that you answered the siren song of the Sabini, but the insights you gained are the valuable kind that should (hopefully) save others the money. Hope your new travels are fulfilling. Keep in touch.
  3. DoubleE

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    Great perspective Hal and thanks for sharing. The Major is one of those brushes that keeps calling my name. Out of all the reviews and comments I've read, I can't remember any serious negative comments.
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    How about the price?! :biggrin:
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    Well, yeah, there's that one! I guess, if it weren't for that, I'd already have one!:biggrin: The reality is I just don't travel that much so when it comes time to buy another brush, I can usually find one to go into normal rotation easier to justify. I've only sold 3 brushes I've owned and one of them was a turnback.

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