Rooney Heritage 2XL and 1XL back in stock at VB...

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Tha Baron, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. You are evil......:tongue_sm
  2. Got me a 2XL last night and shipped today:thumbup: Can't wait and great service from Jim as always.
  3. +1

    Have you no shame? Or mercy? :mad3:
  4. I'd added Vintage Blades' Heritage Stubby page to my "Check Daily" bookmark folder for exactly this purpose... Managed to finally score myself a 1XL! Can't wait for it to arrive...
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  5. I wouldn't think twice about ordering any Stubby XL. I love my 2XL. I think the hair is unique to the 2 band brushes I have - finer and with softer tips. The density that the XLs are packed is perfect for this hair.
  6. I tried my 2XL last night with a little of the QCS Esquire....AMAZING!!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    I love the Rooney XL's!!!
  7. jkh


    Marvelous, marvelous brushes. If you're on the fence, swallow your willpower pride and pull the trigger.
  8. I thought the last batch ever of these things was sold out a couple weeks back???

    Amazing face lathering brushes whether extinct or not.
  9. Thats what I thought... I think the sales strategy is the same as those "Last of the Finests" from Classic Shaving a while back. List 10 and people will snap them up not thinking there are 10 more coming.
  10. Maybe, but now those Finests really are gone. Sorry I didn't jump on a couple of them.:001_rolle

  11. I couldn't describe it any better...wonderful brushes, all three. I'm blessed to have the trio and they each get a lot of attention. Go get 'em, Gents!
  12. Just for fun, someone throw up a post when VB is sold out again.
  13. +1

    I got one, and its awesome, but I dont need more than one. The skiritchy tips on my Finest are breaking in very very nicely and have lost most of their skiritch, but I still am satisfied with just the one. Really even just trying to cut down to just one of every "type" of brush still leaves me with a 2 week rotation :001_wub:
  14. htownmmm

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    back in stock......for the moment anyway.

  15. That's where I will wind up:thumbup: I have a feeling....

    It's funny though. I really LIKE the itty bitty scritching of my Finests. I don't really want the tips to soften up any more than they are. Just me, I guess:lol:

    But, as with all brushes, individual examples vary significantly. My 30mm and 3/3 have such tall lofts, they barely scritch at all. Nothing at all like the Polo. That is the one I wish I'd "hit":thumbup:

    The 3/1 is close but it's way smaller.

    Cheers, Brother!

  16. I dont mind the skritch in a Finest, I look at it as an opportunity cost to have that much density and backbone in a brush. To be honest it really just adds a touch of character to the brush. It's almost like having a puppy that just wants to run fast and play hard all day.
  17. Very interesting description, Seth. I like it (and I like puppies:thumbup:)

  18. Well the stock of Heritage Stubby 2XLs has been depleted by one.

    Thanks to the bunch of DIRTY ROTTEN SBAD ENABLERS in this forum.:sneaky2:

  19. :biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1::biggrin1:





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