Rooney 1/1 Super for creams?

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  1. I keep reading many people saying a Rooney 1/1 Super is better for soaps than creams. I am really in love with TOBS Avocado cream but I am a face latherer. How do you feel a 1/1 in super will do for me on my face?

    1/1 in Finest is out of my price range I think :001_unsur
  2. It should work fine. I plan to use mine with creams and soaps, but it's not here yet. I tend to use creams more often that soaps and usually lather in a bowl also.
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    It'll do great!
  4. The Rooney 1/1 works fine with creams.
  5. My 1/1 works fabulously with creams. Don't give it another thought. Wonderful brush.
  6. Okay, tried my T&H 1/1 with a cream today (TOB Avocado - bowl/mug lather) and it works fine. Lathering is a little different than a brush with a taller loft but it definitely does a good job.
  7. It should be ok for creams, but generally the smaller brushes aren't optimal for creams because they just can't hold a lot of lather. With soaps this isn't a big deal because it's trivial to add more soap between passes.

    The best Rooney for soaps and for face lathering is the 1/1 finest, because the stiffer bristles pick up soap a little faster and when face lathering that denseness and stiffness helps build a lather faster and better against your face, and resists splaying so you're less likely to get lather in your mouth and nose and ears.
  8. I actually found it held a lot of lather because of the dense bristles. I used slightly more cream than I do with a less dense, taller knot, and it seemed to work out quite well. The short knot is nice in a way because it feels like you have more control on the face. The tips are very soft. I think a lot of the scrubbing action might possibly come from the sides of the hairs when you press it down on your face.
  9. I've never understood this soap brush = face lather, cream brush = bowl lather mentality. I wish people would get past it. Same as "you need a small, dense brush for soaps". No you don't! It will feel different on the face, that's all.

    I have bowl lathered soaps and face lathered creams successfully many times. A good brush with do both equally well, whether face or bowl lathering.

  10. I didn't say you needed it, only that they help. There are other reasons a small brush is better for soaps, such as dealing gracefully with those wooden bowls or old spice soap cups without slopping over everything. Can you use a big floppy brush successfully with soaps? Sure. I've done it many times. But it takes more effort and care than it does with a compact stiffer brush, and even then tends to leave more of a mess. To claim that a monster simpson can lather a puck of soap in a typical shaving mug or english soap bowl just as well and just as easily as a compact rooney finest or plisson HMW is just absurd.
  11. It's the whole internet forum phenomena. 1 person will make a statement in 1 forum, a few people will repeat that statement, then a few more and so on. Eventually it becomes the gospel. Happens on almost all forums that I have visited. I'm even guilty of falling subject to the effect sometimes. I believe this is how humans behave in general but I'm not an anthropologist nor do I care to be.
  12. Solution: I have a 1/1 in Super and use it with creams. In fact, I have gotten rid of most of my soap. It works wonders. I have had the best luck with TOBS and T&H, not so much with Trumpers. But that's just my opinion.
  13. I am! At least in training.
  14. UPDATE:

    I received my 1/1 last night and had my first shave with it this morning, using TOBS avocado. It worked good but something was off with my water-to-cream ratio.

    Today I got my fist tub of Mama Bear's 'awakening' soap. I needed some more aftershave and saw that her soaps are only about $8. So i picked one up :thumbup:

    We'll see how tomorrow goes I guess.
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    Use mine for both creams and soaps, but must admit its my favorite brush for soaps.
  16. Used my 1/1 this morning with a wisp of D.R. Harris Arlington. Gobs of lather. The 1/1 is a magical little critter. I know, I know, creams not soaps. It knocks the creams out of the park.

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