Rolls Razor Viscount 1956

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  1. Found this at a store and offered $25.00 never used and still had some brownish wrapper paper around it all. So the question any suggestions on care cleaning this beauty up? What kind of oil? Any suggestions from the pictures? and Yes the pictures are me showing off what appears to be great find!
  2. i just saw one up on ebay for $9 with no bid and i was debating if i should pick it up. it seems like a really interesting piece but i don't know if it actually of any value or if it'd be worth trying to shave with...anyone have info on these?
  3. Looks like you found one in very nice condition! They are pretty smooth, easy-to-use shavers once you get them sharp enough. The blade is made of steel so whatever you do don't use jewelry cleaning solutions containing ammonia or vinegar as is often recommended for nickel plated razors as I did with mine...the blade will turn black though it can be restored easily enough with a little effort. You can polish up the blade as you would a straight razor or knife. I have an instruction/sharpening/maintenance guide compiled from several different forums and websites I can email you if you like. Just PM me your email address and I'll be happy to pass it along! :001_smile

    ***** PM received and Rolls Guide sent! Hope it helps! *****
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  4. One other should easily be able get it sharp enough to shave with using the built-in honing/stropping techniques. Once sharpened it will give a surprisingly smooth shave for an old piece of equipment but not as smooth as a DE unless you get very lucky. It's used just like a Gem 1912-type SE razor so technique is very easy to pick up and almost self explanatory. But be careful to stick to the usual 3 or 4 directional passes and no more. I found out the hard way that going over the same area too many times trying to pick up those last remaining rough patches can get you a nice razor with any razor. The built-in hone and strop will get you fairly close but if you want it sharpened like a straight razor really, really nicely to a very fine edge you have to use actual straight razor equipment, innovative technique, and a little more expertise than I have. There are several youtube videos and forum postings demonstrating various techniques if you want to try it yourself, or you can send it to a professional or maybe one of the experienced members who offer their straight razor sharpening services. :001_smile
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  5. Looks like a nice one. I have one 1947 NOS and another barely used.

    Check out the Rolls Social group (under comunity). There are a lot of folks who shave with these.
  6. I've got a Rolls that I've been meaning to try. It's got a few rust spots on the flat part of the blade. Anyone got any tips for how to treat that?
  7. The blade is unplated steel (like a knife) and you should be able to polish those little rust spots out with some polishing compound on a cloth polishing wheel, a cloth wheel on a portable drill, or even a little polishing wheel on a Dremel. I used the portable drill option and got good results but it was a little awkward and takes more time than I thought it would. I bet if you google instructions on polishing steel knife blades you'll get some good information on the best techniques and polishing compounds to use. :001_smile
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  8. Serious RAD going on here.... must stop looking at sites, must pull self from Badger and Blade... Razors, blades, brushes, creams, lather... what does a women look like? What are those two wonderful items I used to enjoy looking at and other things,,, no no NOT the two-banded silver tip! the other things...
    Well in good shape and quick service and for less than $40.00 not bad for my first E-bay experience...
  9. Cool deal! Thanks. This should be fun!

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