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  1. I've gotten my hands on a Rolls Razor, going to give it a shave tomorrow late morning, but would like to try and track down a few more details. Is there an internet resource for checking Rolls Razor serial numbers, similar to the sites that have the Gillette serial numbers listed?

    Got it for a good price, barely used, one nick in the strop side, and a perfect hone. A spot on the blade that I'll be working on removing but otherwise in really nice shape.
  2. do a search here. there is an extremely detailed post by a member who has used Rolls razors his whole life. If I remember right, his father and perhaps grandfather also used.

    I may be wrong, but I suspect that much or perhaps all of the information he posted is in the wiki. I would start here:
  3. Rolls Razor Page

    This is a great site for info on Rolls, Schick and Gillette... so keep the link handy. However, next month Geocities will close, so this link won't work, but I believe the site will move.
  4. Thanks for the links!
    I'd seen the Gillette and Schick pages separately, didn't know he had others...

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