Roasting Sumatra Greens

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  1. So, I roasted a batch of Sumatra FTO Gayo Tunas Indah in my popper this morning before work, and it seemed to go differently than other ones I have roasted to this point. I am pretty sure I have the basics down when it comes to roasting in this popper, as this is the 15th batch I've done in it.

    This bean, I could not hear 1C at all, and I even had it in there for 16:00. Everything else seemed to have progressed as it should, they shed the chaff, got darker, expanded, the outside got smoother and more uniform color. I cut a couple open and they kinda broke/shattered as I did so, and they seem to be nice and uniformly roasted all the way through. Doesn't seem much if at all lighter in the inside. Not sure if they got "baked" as some people like to say, I don't know how to tell if that happened. My initial thoughts is that it just took longer to heat through, as they are bigger greens than the others I've been roasting, but I'm sure they got hot enough for 1C. Can't verify this, as my thermocouple bit the dust, and I have yet to find a dial thermometer that goes to 500F locally. If I can't find one by the time of my next SM order, I'll grab one from there.

    To my untrained eye, they look to be in the range of FC, they have some slight texture on them, but much less than say, a city roast, and they are starting to make some nice aroma, only 45min after the roast. Bean tips have some cracking as well. I will post a few pictures, but I just thought it strange to have it in so long, and have no audible markers as to where the roast is. Smell, Color, Smoke, and size/shape all seem to point to at least a half decent roast though.
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    bbq thermometr is your way for 500F+ also what was your ambient temp? popers are finiky that way.
  3. Ambient had to have been 68-72. I roast indoors in my basement. You're from Manitoba? Have you found bbq thermometers locally? I'm in Winnipeg often enough. Live out near Morden/Winkler.
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    homehardeware should have them in the bbq accesory isle

    im close to the sask border closest walmart is in yorkton
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  5. Good thinking. Ive only checked Cdn tire and walmart so far. I was thinking oven thermometers, not bbq.

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