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  1. Started with my 10 ml sample today. Interesting. Very little projection that I can tell, and others didn't seem to notice it (even after announced). Plus, this evening I have been overtaken with a sense of deja vue. Could this be like Tabac edc? Old Spice? There is something very familiar about the dry down that I just can't place. Nonetheless, I like it and my wife likes it when she gets close enough to smell it. Have heard it referred to as a barbershop smell, and I can see that. A nice, "clean" fragrance. May be a keeper!
  2. I have a decant of Rive Gauche and like it as well. How many sprays did you use? Maybe wear a bit more next time. I found it to be quite potent with decent projection. Could it be Azzaro Pour Homme that it reminds you of? I think the two of them are somewhat similar. Does anyone else find a similarity in these or am I crazy?
  3. Don't know, but I do have a bit of a sample of Azzaro Pour Homme somewhere and will have to try it. Only recall not liking the Azzaro that much. Too sour.

    Added: Just found my Azzaro, and it smells better than I recall. And perhaps there is some similarity; just put it on so really can't say yet. Also reapplied Rive Gauche to the other wrist, and I do like Rive Gauche more than the Azzaro. Somehow initially brighter, with a hint of something citrusy.
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  4. Great smell but I agree I can hardly smell it.
  5. After an hour or so (from whenever I last posted on the subject), I do smell the similarities between the Rive Gauche and Azzaro. The Rive Gauche is a bit sourer, and the Azzaro a bit woodier perhaps. And I did spray it on fairly heavily this morning. Will try again in the morning to see what happens.
  6. While they are of course not identical, I like to think of Rive Gauche as Azzaro PH turned down to about a 6 or 7. I think the perceived similarities stem from the structure as much as the notes.

    Rive Gauche= aromatic fougere set at 7
    Quorum= aromatic fougere set at 8
    Azzaro= aromatic fougere set at 9
    Kouros= aromatic fougere set at 11:nuke:
  7. Barbasol.
  8. Fantastic frag - I have 3 x 125 ml EDT. Just spray more on the same spot to get better projection :)
    I use 6-8 sprays when I use Rive Gauche, which is not often enough since I own 262 EDT's currently in my collection.....
  9. Go heavy on the trigger. As you see from the post above....6-8 sprays maybe? Also, decant bottles generally have weaker sprayers than the original bottles. It lasted all day on me last time I wore it. Obviously that does not mean you will get the same longevity because everyones skin is different. Rive Gauche just seems like a frag you can wear a bit more of because it just smells super clean....nothing loud, sweet, or outlandish (to my nose at least).
  10. This frag seems to last all day on me, even with my normal 3 sprays. My first impression also was hmm, I've smelled this before. I'm not sure what is so familiar about, maybe Barbasol as somebody above suggests. I do like it though, and probably don't wear it as often as I should.
  11. Tried about eight sprays of RG this morning. I think I smell good, but no one else mentioned it again. Wife thinks she likes Azzaro better, and it does have a bit smoother dry down to my nose.

  12. Just because no one mentioned it does not mean no one could smell it? Do you get people telling you that you smell good every single day except when you where Rive Gauche?
  13. Good point! Only time recently I received a completely unsolicited kudo was with Guerlain Vetiver. But with RV I went fishing and asked - said "I didn't notice you had any on."
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  15. I love the smell of Barbasol in the morning!
  16. Just came back from the store, and there it was, the last bottle on the shelf, waiting just for me. Very likely the last bottle for sale in the country, and the first one I saw since I started looking. Being last, it came as cheap as they come. They wouldn't let me try it first off course. So I blind bought it. It's everything what everyone said about it. Now I understand what that is all about. Safe, clean and pretty good.
    Did anyone mention boring? :bored:
  17. It is my "not sure what to wear today" or "don't want to be offensive" work option. Maybe boring which is why I don't always go to it, but you cannot go wrong wearing it. It's more a workhorse scent rather than for show.
  18. I do not find it boring at all. It is a very nice alternative for people like me who do not wear aquatic scents. Rive Gauche smells super clean and lasts a long time. It does seem quite linear though. Smells the same from the time I spray is until the end of the day. I don't think that makes it boring though.
  19. One of these days I will give it another sniff. I must be missing something because I seem to be in the extreme minority of people who don't like it at all.
  20. Well, I'm in that same minority with you. Gave it a sample spray in a store, and something in the drydown just didn't do it for me. I was really looking forward to this scent and was sadly disappointed in it not being for me.

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