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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by kf4tqj, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. We've got a local chain of stores called The Dollar Tree and unlike the other Dollar stores, everything in there is $1. Last Friday I bought a tube of something called Rise Shave Gel. Comes in a tube like Kiss My Face does. Somewhere on it, it says, Since the 50's so I guess you older guys might remember it. I was around in the 50's but wasn't shaving yet. This stuff is very slick and you can shave with it, but you can't make it lather! It says to wet your face and rub it on. That's probably the best advice. It's invisible though and makes it hard to see where you've already shaved. I tried putting it in a bowl and lathering it up with my Shavemac Silvertip. I could get about enough visible lather to fill the brush but it would vanish faster than you can shave it off? Strange stuff.
  2. I've seen 2 different versions of the Rise products at the Dollar Tree. One is the Gel ( that doesn't seem to lather ), and the other is the cream which I was able to make lather.

    I haven't been brave enough to actually use it yet though.
  3. I have the Shaving Cream version that I also found at Dollar Tree and it seems pretty decent in it's own right as a brushless cream. But I haven't taken a brush to it to try and lather it, hmmm...experiment sometime this week.

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