Rick Harrison and the Microtouch razor

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  1. I just saw this commercial for a de razor called the Micro Touch One featuring Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars. Obviously its a tto and comes with what is probably really crappy blades (GET 24 FREE....just pay separate shipping and handling). I'm just wondering whose razor are they repackaging? My guess would be a Weishi. Anyone else have any ideas?
  2. Weishi razor with mirror
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    Cheap azz Weishi.
  4. I find it odd that in the commercial with the barber and on the opening page they show a straight edge razor, not the razor they're advertising.
  5. They couldn't even offer a rebranded Parker or something? :blink:

    I would at least take that over a Weishi.
  6. It may not even be a 9306 Weishi. It could be this $1.99US postage included razor that I recently received just to get a travel case for my Superspeed that looks identical to a Weshi, but even cheaper made than a weishi. What a rip off plus $7.99 shipping plus a forced additional $4.99 shipping for the 12 extra blades! :nono:

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  7. at least he's helping bring wet shaving to the masses
  8. Hehe, that guy they paid to do the ad has no chin.
  9. You got to be kidding me right ? The Micro Touch One... Rick who last year almost laughed at a man who brought a Minty ABC Pocket Edition and said that wouldnt sell.
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  10. I just noticed that Mantic59 over at Sharpologist.com just ordered one. His total came to $33 !!!!!! I wonder how long before we see these things in the "As Seen On TV" section at Bed Bath and Beyond. Or how long before there showing up at dollar stores?
  11. if they are 'As Seen On TV' I bet you'll see them at Wallmart before long.
  12. I guess he must have done some research after that episode and realised he can make money off them.
  13. Thanks to him, now the prices on the vintage razors will sky rocket
  14. Yup, more so than ever considering how popular the show is.
  15. I just bought my first DE razor last night on eBay thanks to this commercial. I saw the commercial a month ago, and figured the razor they were selling was probably junk. It did get the idea of using an old DE razor in my head; once I did a bit of research on them, I pulled the trigger.
  16. According to the web page it's chrome plated solid brass, so it's the 9306 Wieshi.
  17. I am like Moore ALX. Saw the commercial and that got me looking into wet shaving like my dad (now 86) used to do when I was a kid. I also figured the razor they were selling was probably junk, so I bought 4 on eBay over the past 6 weeks. Had first wet shaves this week and all went pretty well.
  18. I think there is Sticky at the top of the page about this razor.
  19. Of course he probably doesn't shave with it.
  20. wow free blades included !!! just kidding me??? just garbage

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