Richmond Artifex

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  1. Gyuto which looked pretty nice on line. Anyone have first hand experience? Price sure was right.

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  2. Great looking knife. Don't have any first hand experience, but all the reviews of Mark's knives say nothing but praise.

    I'm waiting for the ultimatum in M390 to come in stock.
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    Nice videos too. Makes you want to sharpen your knives.
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    Machine made flat grind- Meh.
  5. Artifex came in a couple days ago. Verdict?
    Exactly what it is advertised to be. Indeed there are no frills. This is a well made (in America) Gyouto which is really sharp out of the box. Handle fits just like my Henckels I have used for 30+ years. It is light, well put together and makes really short work of anything you put in front of it; beef, vegetables, poultry all are dispatched effortlessly.

    I am a prep chef; "knives" supplied by my employer are a joke. For work I don't require some Kamakaze blade, hand-forged over a sacred fire blessed by a Holy Monk, and accompanied along with its own "display rack". Nah...I need one that cuts quick and true, easily maintained, and more easy to re-hone. It is anything but a kitchen trophy.

    I may buy a Tojiro, Hirohoto, or Tamahagane just because. But it won't be to replace any of my current quiver of blades. Truth be told a Richmond "laser" knife may be under consideration as well.

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