review request: c&s cuba!

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by usqview, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. okay gents,

    i know that at least a few members picked up a decant of this stuff recently but i still havent read any reviews from this community. i have read great things from basenotes about it but i would really like to hear from ya'll.

    so lets have it!:biggrin:

  2. Same here. Looking forward to a review. Actually after reading what people were saying about it on basenotes I almost made a purchase of a full bottle. But as it is a bit of a gamble everytime I purchase something without getting a sniff of it on me, it is quite the risk that I won't like it.
  3. I purchased Cuba about 3 weeks ago and only had an opportunity to use it a couple of times. I am not qualified in the least to give an actual review; I can't describe the difference between a base note from a cliff note! When I first apply it, it has a strong musky (skunk p*ss) smell. This dies down after 5 minutes or so. After this "odor" dies down, Cuba has a nice spicy tobacco scent. Not a real review but I hope this helps.
  4. Unfortunatly not at all.
  5. Here's looking forward to a review, as well. C&S 88 is absolutely amazing.
  6. I fully agree.
  7. lmao! now there is a selling point! sometimes these scents when first applied do have a strong off smell to them. thanks for chiming in.

    anyone else with a decant want to chime in?

  8. I recently bought the C&S Cuba and am very pleased with it. At first spray the scent is powerful in a very citrusy way. It is like the first Grapefruit or Lime that you eat of the season. I don't smell any skunkyness to my nose, but I do smell an Orchid or strong lemongrass type of scent on first spray. As the oils come up I note the geranium...I'm not a fan of Geranium, as to me it is very feminine, but this stage only lasts what I call "drivetime" so it is into the base of Sweet Tobacco when I get into the office or on my first sales call of the day. It has a very masculine scent in its later stage, but can be too feminine for some men early on.

    I hope this makes more sense. The best feature of this scent is its longevity and on me it is about 8 hours of wear. Try a decant and see if it is for you. I went out on a limb and just ordered a bottle, basing it on reviews I read at Excellent scent for me, but as always, YMMV. :biggrin:
  9. thanks crag!

    glad you like it. when you run out would you spring for a whole bottle? i have heard that this scent takes a big turn when it dries down. i am thinking that i might give scott a call at cambridge chemistist.:biggrin1:


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